139 words Interaction with his Child 250 words Anyone else having trouble moving on because of sex? 235 words To those who didn't grow up with narcissist abuse - **What was it like to experience the abuse and how did it change you?** 164 words Ex-N crawled back AGAIN, make amends or ignore them 392 words What was the final drama that happened that made you leave when you’ve been scared to? 133 words It took only two weeks before I was the stonewaller, since I explained to him that, that is what he is doing. I feel so gross. 129 words Total mind eff - maybe I’m the narc? 120 words Cant move past toxic upbringing any help? 548 words Lost, broken, confused, and dead inside 185 words It’s a game of tag and you’re it. 188 words Trying to ride out a lease with 'ex', has anyone successfully done this? 156 words Intimacy after a Narc 201 words If you were someone's primary source for years, what happens when you finally break free? 193 words Alcoholism 145 words Is it a Narc thing to apologize profusely over completely insignificant things (while, obviously, not apologizing for any of the actual horrible things)? 270 words Dear people who have never experienced Narcissist abuse. 138 words If you had to choose would you be a narcissistic or an empathetic? 815 words Have you dreaded driving in the car with your Nex? 131 words It’s been a rough week for me. 11 months no contact. I thought I no longer loved him, but I have just been lying to myself. I’m struggling. 447 words Am I just hurt and trying to make myself feel better, or is he really a narcissist?