815 words Have you dreaded driving in the car with your Nex? 131 words It’s been a rough week for me. 11 months no contact. I thought I no longer loved him, but I have just been lying to myself. I’m struggling. 447 words Am I just hurt and trying to make myself feel better, or is he really a narcissist? 125 words Odd Behavior? Has anyone experienced this? 144 words Should I go back to the place we usually hung out at? 243 words How can they turn it around like that, every time?? 129 words Convinced other people's stories happened to him. So weird. 178 words What if he only treated me like this, because I was online? 264 words Red Flags 221 words Narc One-Liners 134 words Anyone else have experience with a long distance or online narc relationship? 273 words I am curious how many others on this sub think their Nex was also BPD. 204 words Ok..so... 221 words Did anyone else snap out of it and move on? 136 words Anyone Else Been Blamed for “Abandoning” the Narc after THEY Ghosted You? 179 words If you were able to leave, I admire you. You were stronger than me. 145 words Daughter went to hospital via Ambulance while with Nex. I was not notified. Even after the fact. 265 words Narcissist enjoying their life while you suffer? You don’t have to get revenge. Karma exists and it does punish narcissists - Read this! 137 words I need help understanding this. Has anyone else dealt with their SO dumping them but then seemingly getting angry that you actually left because you felt like you had no choice? 150 words Narcs bragging about their acts of kindness