106 words Teacher Shortage 224 words Democrats confront North Carolina blues 139 words So it has come to this 110 words The Daily Show : Eye On North Carolina 129 words #stopDMCA is trending on Twitter! We need to let Senator Thom Tillis know that streaming is not a felony and that the DMCA an old piece of junk that needs to be modernized by content creators voices without the need for pesky lobbyists! 128 words This is why Johnston County is Orange in the COVID-19 county alert system. 114 words Reasoning with Trump/Cooper voters be like: 120 words New coronavirus cases spike in NC :: WRAL.com 179 words NC registered voters; Tell me why I should vote for Trump. 180 words Places to camp near I95 165 words Unemployment Stickythread - June 22 168 words Remember those Trump's "Liberate" tweets? We are paying the price... 164 words One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken, from high above the State Fair a couple years ago. Do you think we'll have one this year? 119 words Can we finally take down the Confederate statues now? 120 words "These numbers and trends are sobering," Cooper said at a news conference after announcing that another 1,768 people statewide have tested positive for the virus and that the percentage of positive tests is on the rise, up to 10 percent. 114 words SOBX Question 193 words NC DES wait times 229 words Illinois’ marijuana sales reach $3.2 million on first day of legalization. When will North Carolina join? 146 words Few like process to redraw NC congressional districts 135 words Judges won’t block voter ID law for 2020, but lawsuit will continue