192 words Weekly Hiring Questions and Advice Thread 187 words [Meme] I'm not your buddy, pal. 236 words My friend blocked me for using the Thin Blue Line flag. 183 words Looking for another perspective: Why is the current policing system good? 196 words [MEME]Be better than the rhetoric 141 words ACLU calls for DHS to be disbanded 125 words Chicago attempting to take pensions from retired Officers after they refuse to return back to work. 182 words What do you think when you see cases like Brianna Taylor's? 142 words "Why don't you know the law?" One is part of "the law" the other is the bible. 182 words [Serious] what needs to be fixed in your agency? 116 words That's so awesome, I'd love police wrapping paper 152 words back in the 90s, police officers got a bit creative. they sent letters to people who had warrants, saying that they won a free item, then when the suspects arrived, they arrested them. credit to r/watchpeopledieinside 262 words How can I preserve rape evidence that has been damaged by water/mold? 213 words What's the worst, rudest, or most unprofessional treatment you've ever received from another officer- regardless of rank, and whether inside or outside of your jurisdiction? 154 words I'm not trying to start arguments or troll, but I have had a lot of convo's with people on police pages (they may or may not actually be LEO's) about the limitations of the 2A. This video definitely shows a lot of historical context and facts to oppose the "I support the 2nd amendment.. but" people 127 words I’m not sure if I’m looking for advice or I’m just ranting. But this is seriously bothering me. 662 words I've found myself becoming disenchanted with police as a whole lately, there is no shortage of videos of horrendous police actions. HOWEVER, I realized I'm only human as are cops. How can I become more understanding of and more sympathetic with the average police person? 153 words Weekly Hiring Questions and Advice Thread - May 06 370 words Should he have gotten arrested? 262 words [meme] *tips stetson*