169 words Miller: "President Trump… I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life" 326 words Thanks to Trump, racist MAGA Karens no longer feel the need to hide their racism 123 words Young black police graduate gets profiled by Joshua PD cops (Texas). He wasn't having any of it! 634 words Houston cop threatens to kill driver over traffic violation 103 words Old Karen seemingly bothered by young man selling candy outside a Target. Man offers to buy his whole stock 191 words Bicycle Karen stops a USPS employee from retrieving mail. Supporting friend offers up some all lives matter energy to the responding black police officer 182 words What's the best way to handle someone like this? 518 words Kid Headbutts Lady at Food4Less Parking Lot 119 words Uvalde police lying to public, painting themselves as heros. there was a 12 min gap. 12 MINUTE GAP, for them to do something. it took em an hour 168 words NBA coach Steve Kerr comments on gun violence in America 209 words Florida high school class president was told by his school that they would cut his microphone if he said “gay” in his grad speech, so he replaced gay with “having curly hair.” 174 words Sen. Chris Murphy's full comments on the Senate floor, begging, pleading, chastising his Republican colleagues to do something, anything, to stem the tide of gun violence in America. 221 words Sheriff's deputies smash through a window and rescue nine-year-old from a house fire - seconds before it explodes in flames 128 words “I kind of only came on the interview because I thought it would be funny. I’m gunna leave now. You’re a c*nt” 794 words crazy neighbor attempts murder 114 words Protesters Have Surrounded Brett Kavanaugh Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Home In A Powerful Protest 240 words The full five minute clip of Ben Shapiro vs Iowa State student 111 words Elizabeth Warren is visibly furious. This is the energy every single Democrat should be bringing to fight to protect Roe 167 words Russian cosmonauts unfurled a USSR flag this week. Outside the ISS, a station for non-political research and cooperation 124 words Even the baby is high