121 words When/How do you get the rights to adapt a work? 121 words Everything I write now that's supposed to be present-day feels like a period piece from the "time before coronavirus." 265 words Is there anything I could to improve the dialogue in this transcript of mine? [FEEDBACK] 141 words Anita Quarter's Four Founding Fathers - "Bad Witches" Episode Draft + Pitch Feedback 186 words 20 pages into my screenplay, I have started to lose hope... 139 words Screenwriters: how did you get started in the industry? 131 words I'm really scared. 220 words [FEEDBACK] REQUESTING FEEDBACK ON A 2 MIN HORROR SHORT- GIGGLE 134 words [DISCUSSION] I feel like I have opposite script conflicts. 169 words Any have any info about CCNY’s MFA Film program? 113 words Director suddenly wants to co-write — need advice 135 words This line from Mad Men reminds me how dialogue really works 145 words The reason your dialogue sounds robotic - Characters say things to establish plot, People say things because an emotion/s has influenced them to say it. 125 words The Game of Thrones’ finale script has been published. It’s absolutely horrendous. 135 words What do you guys think about 'we see...' or 'we follow...' in a screenplay? 164 words Question - what do I do with my script once it’s complete? 123 words I'm off to undergrad film school next year, here's a draft of the script for the short film I'm making this summer before I go 148 words No Cash Value: "When the beloved local arcade is bought out and rebranded by a sleazy family entertainment corporation, a group of preteens plot to rob it of all its tokens and return the arcade to its former glory." 266 words Let's say I can't move to LA? 160 words Writing in present tense