133 words (SAD) Try to avoid "fake news" when that's essentially what their high school history books are 117 words Fahrenheit is more precise! 174 words [SAS] "Pretty sure the Germans love us for our cool presidents stance on Europe." 123 words Who even uses Celsius? 369 words American on the 2cd amendment 138 words Everyone wants to be American 251 words SAD: shoot at Australian firefighters 190 words ‘Muh tolerance’ 244 words Ireland just said yes to abortion so now it's Mohammadland! 189 words SAD: Ask students to list the positive and negative aspects of slavery 144 words SAD: Worship some norse god by doing pushups on snow 147 words You can't spell freedom sauce without USA 156 words "It [The US] should be at the top as that is where the brains are. If in the middle it just shows being the wallet the others count on." In a list of North American countries sorted alphabetically 184 words Asking if gelling baby hairs (the short messy ones at the start of the hairline) is offensive to other races 282 words The stereotype is so real 261 words "many of those "Irish" that now live in Ireland are actually English with no Irish heritage at all, so many American Irish are actually closer to the true Irish than Irish themselves." 168 words American fashionista. 175 words Apparently wanting to live in a country which looks after its citizens is irresponsible 290 words "A million refugees made shockwaves in your country (1% of the German population) but you think it is rightful to judge a country where non-hispanic whites make up only 63% of the population." 325 words The Weekly Anything Goes Thread - May 5, 2017