179 words The most mildly infuriating to ever come out of r\mildlyinfuriating is the fact that they refuse to adapt to the redesign 133 words Politeness is so rare these days that people mistake it for flirtation 179 words New Yorkers in the Marvel universe must have major PTSD. 178 words People with depression are encouraged to make it public so they can get the help they need. But in most cases, people who openly say they have depression are seen as attention seekers who can become shunned for such an act. 196 words An infinite number of monkeys mashing randomly will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. However, 88 times more often, they'll produce the almost-complete works of Shakespeare, with just the last letter wrong, and that's gotta be frustrating. 194 words The idea of Santa living in the north pole probably came the fact that he needs to live somewhere definitely habitable but unreachable by children 122 words You will never be aware of the fact that you have died 201 words "Money can't buy happiness" was coined by someone who has never been truly poor. 176 words The theory and belief of reincarnation exist in many cultures, yet almost all others shrug it off as nonsense, but what if it does exist but in a wildly different sense than thought. 134 words By next month, there will be US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan who were born after the war started. 202 words Maybe if they renamed sunscreen to “anti-cancer cream” more people would wear it 155 words People seem to be more interested in hearing about how great the sex was from a friend's one-night-stand rather than how great the sex was while you're in a committed relationship (even if y'all are freaky in the sheets). 120 words People who "don't need to do drugs to have fun" would have way more fun on drugs than people who do need to do drugs to have fun 133 words People’s voices get suddenly annoying the instant you know they’re a toxic or bad person. 151 words In a couple of 100 years, when people live on different planets, they'll have picture trails of their ancestors and see not what countries they originated from but also what planets they originated from... You are 20% Terran, 50% Martian and 30% Mooncake 256 words Roughly 1,648,000 people have died from gunfire homicide since 1968. If we held a minute of silence for each one of them, no one could speak from now till September 2022. 175 words If a musician always sounds great when practicing, they are practicing the wrong things. 165 words Giving a bad driver the thumbs down instead of flipping them off is much more devastating 178 words It's a weird concept that you can post a completely random thought on here and have it removed because it's similar to something that's been posted in the past. It's cool that a complete stranger happened to be thinking the same thing as you at one point. 168 words Shark week advertisements spend most of their time trying to scare you into watching shark week, while actual shark week spends the whole the whole time trying to convince you that sharks are indeed not as dangerous as they advertised.