133 words People’s voices get suddenly annoying the instant you know they’re a toxic or bad person. 151 words In a couple of 100 years, when people live on different planets, they'll have picture trails of their ancestors and see not what countries they originated from but also what planets they originated from... You are 20% Terran, 50% Martian and 30% Mooncake 256 words Roughly 1,648,000 people have died from gunfire homicide since 1968. If we held a minute of silence for each one of them, no one could speak from now till September 2022. 175 words If a musician always sounds great when practicing, they are practicing the wrong things. 165 words Giving a bad driver the thumbs down instead of flipping them off is much more devastating 178 words It's a weird concept that you can post a completely random thought on here and have it removed because it's similar to something that's been posted in the past. It's cool that a complete stranger happened to be thinking the same thing as you at one point. 168 words Shark week advertisements spend most of their time trying to scare you into watching shark week, while actual shark week spends the whole the whole time trying to convince you that sharks are indeed not as dangerous as they advertised. 143 words One of the uglier parts of a breakup is if one of you had a dog. That dog will never know why you stopped visiting. 141 words If you got a dollar for every useless fact that you knew, you would have $0 because those ‘useless facts’ are no longer useless because they make you money 174 words Maybe kids suck at understanding time because when parents say 5 minutes, it’s never actually 5 minutes. 188 words Your great great great.... grandchildren may be able to see your social media. 131 words Being a millennial is like trying to win a game of Monopoly, but all the other players have already been playing for three hours, and every property is owned and has a hotel on it. 119 words The main part about being an adult is having your bed in the center of the wall, instead of one of the corners. 202 words If you say “I’m smart” people automatically think you’re not smart. 141 words The more you grow old, the more you fall in love with the fact that no one gives a fuck about you. 207 words People who say they can't cook simply have no interest in learning how to cook. 146 words The record for longest kill probably doesn't belong to a professional sniper. It probably belongs to some dumbass that likes to randomly shoot his gun into the air. 143 words Companies are only using plus size female models but not plus size male models to advertise fashion items 331 words The weird, artsy, loner usually gets the girl in movies (instead of the jock) simply because many movies are written by weird, artsy, loners. 126 words Women who choose not to take their birth control are pretty much the same as anti vaxxers