130 words who is this girl and why she's so cute? 142 words Why are Sonic kiddies so booty tickled when it comes to emulation? 120 words should I get Sonic Generations on PC? I've heard the controls are a little wonky but I really want the game and now it is really cheap 195 words [art by jorginator] Amy gets cucked 114 words Playing Sonic Colors for the first time and I cannot stop playing! Stunning graphics and the gameplay is just so much fun 115 words Nintendo exclusive Sonic games for the future 174 words The gameplay reveal trailer was amazing! 130 words Why do people seem to hate the 2D sections in Colors? 436 words I’m probably gonna buy Origins myself but this is a mediocre defense regardless 199 words Sonic Adventure literally was the last game where Tails used brawn to fight instead of his technology/his friends/running away. 369 words Why the Sonic Fanbase Sucks 155 words If you gained the rights to Sonic? 120 words Am I the only one who feels that, as far as main series games go, Heroes was the last game where all the characters were equally well written? 118 words Why can't the series just embrace all of its wackiness.... 285 words The game is really underrated. 123 words Which type of fan are the worst/most toxic. 1,276 words To the people who genuinely, ironically think Sonic 06 is a good game..... why? 147 words Sonic Forces Did NOT Ruin Tails 194 words Sonic Adventure's Level design is.... 151 words I made one of those iceberg memes a week ago, thought I'd share it here: