134 words Who should’ve been Sister Abigail? Should ANYONE have been Sister Abigail? 122 words Who's a dark horse you put in your GOAT debate? 166 words Austin Aries is the modern version of JBL. This is him shoot kicking a guy in the head who just concussed himself with a botched shooting star press. 835 words Post WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020 Discussion Thread! 195 words [Twitter] In the 2001 Royal Rumble, Kane wore a mask for 54 minutes and eliminated 11 people. You can wear one in Aldi 124 words Is WWE afraid to create new stars? 164 words Bianca Belair is The Future of WWE/Wrestling and Should've Been NXT Champion 137 words [WON] Details on the Pollyanna-Ospreay claims 292 words On This Day 9 Years Ago, CM Punk dropped his infamous Pipebomb. it launched him into superstardom and was the sole reason why this subreddit was created. 117 words JT Dunn allegation that he slept with/groomed underage girls 200 words Millie McKenzie: I hope people don’t think they can get away with going under the radar for a few months then popping up somewhere. All PREDATORS need to go. You have no place in wrestling anymore. The fact people still may idolise these predators is disturbing and it needs to stop. 2/3 199 words NWALegends.com take on the matter... 307 words Joey Ryan's Apology Tweet 121 words It's hard to share this, but Chase Owens is yet another wrestler with a history of sexual misconduct. 128 words People need to get that being "cancelled" does not equal being summarily executed. Its being held to account for your wrongdoing, And "redemption" can only begin to be discussed when we have done truly done right by the victims 135 words Might it have been better for Undertaker’s overall career if he had not had the two HBK Mania matches? 124 words Reby Hardy responds to criticism over the AEW drowning spot - in the only fashion Reby knows how 194 words "[WWE wrestler] is not being buried! Wait and see where the story goes!" 119 words There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding on this sub about the using of WWE wrestlers in AEW. Bringing people in because they were in WWE isn’t LOLTNA. It isn’t turning into TNA and it isn’t negative at all. It’s all about the actual booking. 119 words Alex Shelley does some HBK/Hogan level bumping for Bob Backlund