305 words What are some Sequel Trilogy criticisms that you disagree with? 133 words Happy 67th birthday to Liam Neeson, who played the most Jediest Jedi of all the Jedi. 234 words Me recreating the scene with Rey in the cave from TLJ 160 words Come December..we must take back what's ours 170 words Hayden Christensen and Ian McDiarmid reunited at SWCC today! 112 words I have never seen so many people comment that they're not going to watch something they don't care about 164 words So with L337-bot I've got something to say~ 123 words Solo: A Star Wars Story has been nominated for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects! 143 words I just rewatched The Last Jedi 139 words Why do people want Star Wars to crash and burn? 194 words I want to get into the Star Wars lore. Where should I start? 176 words How do you want IX to tie into the Prequels? 159 words ”Luke felt responsible. He just...walked away from everything.” 178 words [SPOILER] One thing I have a problem with in TLJ 217 words [SPOILER] One thing I have a problem with in TLJ 239 words A non-canonical comic revolving around the Jedi Order never being destroyed and Order 66 never happening would be amazing. 151 words Despite TLJ having its issues, this image gives me so many feelings. 207 words Adam Driver on the Prequels 175 words Star Wars Episode 9 [Spoilers] 146 words 'The curse of the ninth' is a superstition held in the world of classical music, which says that composing a tenth symphony is to 'tempt fate'. John Williams has said he will not return for a 10th Star Wars score, saying 'nine is quite enough for me', but also as a nod to this notion.