225 words In an interesting turn of events the media will advocate for free speech by shutting down free speech. Also why for only one month? Something happening this month? 308 words We doing this or what 270 words The Daily Stonk 06-15-2021 135 words $GME Daily Discussion - June 10, 2021 140 words Guys.. I've Figured It Out... 306 words Kenny - you scared of what's coming tomorrow? Ten days after the initial spikes of January 13 and February 24 resulted in another crazy gamma runup on January 28 and March 10. What's behind door number $350? Apes - BE PREPARED for another run up and flash crash down on June 9! 196 words Naked Short Sellers have set our cancer research back decades from their abusive short selling. (report for visibility, credit to phoenixfenix) 312 words $GME Daily Discussion - June 07, 2021 209 words $GME Daily Discussion - June 05, 2021 145 words Digital Security: My 2 Cents 151 words GME is the only play! Anything else is a shill. 146 words $GME Daily Discussion - June 05, 2021 266 words Russia liquidates all US Dollar assets 165 words Woodkid - Run Boy Run (Official HD Video) 140 words Things are shockingly similar to the February 24th and March 10th runup so far. Gamma squeeze indicators from the previous T+21/T+35 have returned. Their doom approaches. 127 words Brokers and shareholders: keep in mind that the voting numbers will be based on Apr 15th ownership. By 6/9 there will be close to TWO FULL MONTHS OF BUYING AND HOLDING THAT WILL NOT BE ACCOUNTED FOR. 129 words The people mentioning AMC are the ones complaining about people mentioning AMC 308 words I think our 20 million floor is a bit low 125 words I will admit, I am paranoid over the NFT stuff... 150 words After neglecting my family all week while on vacation, I present to you GME The HYPEning. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it. Now, TURN THE FUCKING VOLUME UP AND LET’S GOOOOOO!