438 words Is it only American to expect nothing but the purest niceness from your waiter here ? 129 words What do you like/not like about the job searching process in the restaurant industry? 136 words BOH and managers taking tips. Is this normal? 253 words We allow outside cakes, we will serve them, but we don’t cut them or candle them. 129 words Any stories where talking to a table got you more money? 185 words Where are the jobs being posted now? 173 words Regular customer wants his usual - Chicken curry with a side of something free. Method of payment? Complaint. 152 words Late comers 148 words Table asked to Cash App me my tip. 239 words Say that again! 179 words Are corporate chain restaurants that bad? 291 words What are your best/worst stories involving regular customers? 183 words No offense, but I think it’s really rude to pull out a stack of cash the size of my head and then tip me $3 on $45. 142 words My French finally came in handy! 163 words A group of customers left me no tip tonight and told me why. 384 words A bride and groom are livid that we moved their honeymoon fund box off our bar and onto a separate table. 179 words [Rant] "This restaurant is NOT friendly towards (insert group)!" 415 words Told my job was for women and that he would not let me serve him 220 words My coworker was a bully-Coworker Story- 176 words A customer today kept telling me to take my time and not to rush every time he needed something and I looked at him and said “I really appreciate that but this is my job, I have to do it right.” And he responded “I know but the customer needs to be more conscious about their server and also care.”