206 words I'm genuinely afraid about living in the US because of the mass shooting 177 words I envy men who have happy wives/gfs 137 words I literally have no way to get my son to school in the morning, let alone the rest of this week, and I’ll probably end up having to deal with the truancy board over it. 182 words I envy men who have happy wives/gfs 192 words My Ex lost her virginity a month after breaking up. I’m honestly hurt 139 words I'm can't get over how embarrassed I am at how I behaved in front of my wife and children 360 words I am tired of having to deal with lingerie and disgusting period panties in my mother's laundry 132 words I’m pregnant 493 words If you drive drunk, you are the most selfish, uncaring, undisciplined piece of trash on this Earth. 151 words I'm tired of smelling my boyfriend's farts/ass all day, everyday 257 words Things really haven't been "good" for almost 15 years. 291 words One of my students decided to punch me in the stomach yesterday. Im 8 months pregnant 134 words i caught two kids having sex in my yard 159 words Hiding from bf that I have asked women if he was being inappropriate with them 131 words I’d never cheat, but i’m curious as to what’s out there. 177 words I have an escort booked for the weekend but I don’t know if I want to cheat. 218 words I fucking hate to have a small dick. It feels like everyone is out of my league 177 words I found hard drugs in my girlfriend's possession. 136 words Revenge masturbation out of pure spite 152 words Those of you who want CNC need to understand what a giant, horrific, dangerous ask that is of your partner.