167 words I absolutely hate what this quarantine is bringing out in people I know. 136 words Girls, where’s your self respect these days? 183 words I REALLY don't want to go to the grocery store. 138 words "Healthy Fat" is not a thing. Coronavirus is further exposing this fact. Trust me, I am a doctor. 294 words As a gay man, I’d gladly cure/turn myself straight. I hate being gay, and not because of homophobia 375 words I honestly don't know how any moron can support Trump anymore after this pandemic. 206 words I’m an ER nurse and I’m scared 396 words Feminists who pretend that women don't abuse men are perpetuating the same gender stereotypes they claim to be against 112 words I am an outspoken, proud, intersectional feminist, and I’m sick of the narrative that Liz Warren lost because of sexism 203 words The only male nurse in the ER, this is how im treated. 223 words The transgender community has morphed into something that I can't relate to anymore and it's frustrating 275 words Men are faster and stronger than women. Equal in value, not in nature. 168 words My bf won 1k off a scratch off ticket today! 581 words Having a female body sucks. 162 words Yo I literally saw a bunch of males freak out over a girl not shaving and it says a lot about how guys see women 118 words My brother was falsely accused of rape and killed himself. 153 words Fuck ICE in America and Fuck Trump 136 words Self-confidence, amirite? 125 words For a site so full of people who are against bullies, Reddit is filled with Keyboard Bullies 123 words Are we not allowed to post about right-wing armed militias occupying federal and capital buildings? Or the sitting President tweeting about civil war? Are we just pretending this isn't happening?