220 words The Dutch have it right 203 words US to China: Woof, woof, whoops(?) 124 words Can someone explain this to me? 379 words Russians, Russians, Russians! Oh my god Russians everywhere! 122 words @PatTheBerner: If Dems wanted you to have $1200 a month, you'd have had it every month since March. Dems could've used their platform to lobby for Covid relief publicly on TV every single day, but they didn't. They haven't even lobbied for a national mask program. Both parties are trash. 212 words Jordan Chariton: Kentucky AG's "investigation" into Breonna Taylor's murder is a cover up. As Breonna's BF's lawyer noted, A DOZEN witnesses said cops didn't identify themselves at her door—& the LONE WITNESS the AG cited as hearing cops identify themselves ORIGINALLY SAID COPS DIDN'T. THREAD: 180 words Niko - The vigilante was an antagonist and a murderer. Stop defending him. 254 words Republican fantasy Joe Biden is so much more appealing than reality Joe Biden. How do I vote for their version? 393 words jUST Change THE PartY FroM WItHiN 155 words Trump we do not believe you 145 words #IBelieveJoe raped 140 words Video Appears to Show Tara Reade’s Mother Knew of Allegations Against Biden in 1993 | Slate 189 words Since Joe Biden Hasn't Picked a VP Yet, Here's a Wild Idea... 138 words Joe Biden won in every precinct that didn't have a paper trail in Texas. Including machines made by a company that used to be called Diebold who changed their name because they were caught up in voter fraud in 2004. 130 words While Nancy Pelosi blocks #EmergencyUBI and #DementiaJoe stands against #M4A, Trump suspends foreclosures and evictions and wants to send direct payments to desperate Americans. Trump is going to be the most progressive candidate on the ballot. We are living in a simulation. 301 words If Bernie loses this thing, I'm going independent. This whole election has been an embarassment to to the US and everything we were founded upon. I'm truly ashamed to be an American in this day and age. #NeverBiden #DemExit 168 words The State Of The Race, And Our Narrative, Before Sunday's Debate 605 words Best response to "vote blue no matter who" I've ever seen 139 words I was watching some Bernie surrogates on the various news channels, and I have to say... why is it only certain types are allowed to give their opinions publicly, and in the media? 127 words Elizabeth Warren Launches New Attacks On "Ally" Sanders, Reveals Ludricious Plan To Steal Nomination