611 words [WP] You enter a store with the intention to rob it. But while waiting last in line so everyone can leave first, the person in front of you pulls out a gun and tells the cashier to empty the cash register. 816 words [WP]You are a vampire. All the legends about vampire weaknesses apply to you, but are slightly wrong. You are allergic to cilantro, for example. 776 words [WP] The year is 1945, shortly after the war ended. You arrive back home to see your loved ones to find that your soon to be pregnant wife has been murdered, no trace of clues or who it could have been. Having to pick up your weapons once again you are on a path with no rules and anything goes. 203 words [WP] An archer, you die in the midst of the war. You wake up fifty thousand years later, without any flesh. The sun seems to hurt you too. Bow in hand, you feel an urge to kill humans. You are a skeleton in Minecraft. 1,011 words [WP] Upon waking up you only see utter darkness... 263 words [WP] A crusty, mean-looking old man sits next to you at a bar. "No matter how hard you try you can't make everyone happy. I've tried." He proceeds to tell his story of heartbreak, loneliness, rage, frustration, and a gradual, fundamental change of character. 174 words [IP] Serenely, he kept watch. 183 words [WP] There is a deep hole just outside your village. The elders pick one person to dive in every year, 'for the good of the tribe', never to be seen again. The elders have just chosen you. You're expected to jump tonight. 514 words [WP]You are a 17th century black market dealer, You sell one item only, That item? Pineapples. 368 words [SP] “you died, I literally saw you die.” “Death is a social construct.” 578 words [WP] You were always kind, helpful, compassionate and tried to worship God in the best way that you could . After a long life, you end up in heaven and everyone is confused - you're the first AI there. 180 words [WP] A demon god loses their power and ends up in the human world 1,233 words [WP] After getting home from a long day at work, you find a demon sitting on your couch, sobbing hysterically, snuggling your cat, and eating from a tub of ice cream 1,295 words [WP] A new kind of warfare has become the norm, with a new breed of weapon. Ever since the first time a imaginary friend suddenly materialized, children have dominated the battlefields of the world. 234 words [WP] Four people stand in an elevator. The first is screaming into a crystal ball. The second is a litter of kittens stuffed into a suit. The third is constructing a grandfather clock because he wishes to check the time. And then there's you, concerned about none of this because you're late for work 808 words [WP] The world is suddenly changed as toys start to work like their fictional counterparts. Toy lightsabers can now cut through metal. People with yu gi oh cards can send others to the shadow realm. Foam mjolnirs become impossible to lift and cosplayers get the abilities of the people they copy. 233 words [TT] Theme Thursday - Relaxation 1,159 words [WP] Out of sheer boredom, God decides that us humans must speak the brutal and honest truth no matter the consequences. The absolute excrement hits the metaphorical fan for twenty four hours straight. 613 words [WP] You have been told all your life that you have a rare medical condition. It means you need regular special meals that your family has lovingly prepared. You now find out that your "condition" actually requires fresh human flesh and your family have become serial killers to keep you alive. 447 words [WP] Everyone in town dismisses you as mad, but you're not. You're just the NPC that remembers every single time a player has quick-saved and killed everyone in town.