332 words [WP] You died in an abrupt accident. The Grim Reaper appears before you, carrying hundreds of letters in his hands, all with names familiar to you. "All the words you never got to say to that particular person." The reaper explains. "Pick one." 250 words [WP] You traveled to Zurich for the reading of your grandfather's will. You were bequeathed a package with instructions not to open in anyone's presence. You leave the attorney's office in route to your hotel... 820 words [WP] All traditional fresh water sources have dried up or been declared non-sustainable. Desalination is still scarce and cost prohibitive. A world in chaos responds. 630 words [WP] It's the year 2035. Automation has decimated rural America, with scattered towns forced to fend for themselves as the population moved to megacities. It the ruins of Salina Kansas, a group of raiders is preparing to attack a convoy of autonomous trucks. 136 words [WP] Your company jokingly offered apocalypse insurance. The world may have been nuked back to the stone age and you may be the only surviving employee, but that won't stop you from continuing to offer excellent customer service by tracking down surviving policyholders and paying out their claims. 878 words [Wp] "Enlightenment has a dark side if you don't half-measure it." 301 words [WP] As you and your adventuring party make camp for the night, you hear rustling in a nearby bush. When you take a peek, you find a band of pixies who've been following your party. They've written a lot of fanfiction about your party. One of them is wearing a tiny cosplay version of your armour 826 words [WP] Everybody gets a superpower, but nobody has any secondary superpowers. People who spawn fire aren't fireproof. Super-speeders have normal reaction times. Super-strong people have normal joints. 576 words [WP] You and your crew have been selected for a 1500yr Cryo Sleep journey to a possible first encounter. You enter your pod and the cryo sleep process starts, you never lose consciousness. After hundreds of years of mental torture in a frozen body, your psyche begins to evolve. 342 words [WP] You’ve become a ghost and have decided to spy on a little child and then haunt him to freak out his parents. The only thing is that his parents are abusive and you decide to protect him. 795 words [IP] Dragon Egg 278 words [WP] Sailing has been your dream since you hatched a young sailfish. An expensive lung transplant procedure allows travel between ocean & air. A lottery for a free transplant is offered but you must convince the committee you are the best candidate. Born to sail, only your gills hold you back. 257 words [wp] Your job is often overlooked, but that’s because nobody really know how hard being the courier in Skyrim is. 809 words [WP] "A bow that grants tactical skill, but leads you to love and then lose that love. A lance that grants great power, but leads you to die on the field of battle. And a sword that grants great leadership, but will kill you from a decision that you make. Which will you take?" 388 words [WP] When you kill someone, you get their best trait. Except it's what *they* think is their best trait. 391 words [WP] In many stories whenever humanity goes out into space and makes first contact, they are always either a threatened underdog, an overpowered force of righteousness, or the only source of diplomatic reason to exist.How about a story where humanity takes a different role? 708 words [WP] You're just a simple shopkeeper who sells supplies to adventurers. You grow fond of one set of repeat customers, but they never seem to really acknowledge you. Today, though, you're going to change that. 265 words [WP] You and your wife are in a religious cult that randomly sacrifices one member every full moon for supposed boons. Tonight, your wife is chosen. 462 words [WP] "So this is Hell, eh?" You say to Lucifer. "Bring on the torture, then!" He looks surprised. "Torture? You broke every single one of God's rules. He HATES you. You and I are going to get along just fine. Now, come on in..." 273 words [WP] Inside of your house there are 8 windows. You’ve just realized that on the outside of your house there are 9. Curious, you peer into the impossible window. Inside, through the curtains and the blinds, you see yourself living a completely different life.