204 words [WP] Life began with a single species. It evolved so quickly, they started farming planets for resources to sustain their own greed. Planet Earth has gotten out of hand and intervention is necessary to save the planet from human destruction. 668 words [WP] You're a small-time god, with only one follower. They moved to the big city and you followed, determined to make it as one of the revered gods of the pantheon. The temple district was over-crowded, so you decided to make a local park your sacred home. A year later, everyone knows your name. 226 words [WP] You are being hunted by a creature with no senses of its own. It can only see through your eyes, hear through your ears... 468 words [WP] Prophecy has foretold that you will bring about the end of the world with your ungodly powers. Because of this people just pay you to do literally nothing all day in an attempt to change fate. 373 words [WP] A local millionaire trying to be "hip with the kids" hosts a real life battle royale tournament without actually knowing what a battle royale is. 197 words [WP] You meant to give your precocious eight year old a copy of The Little Prince, but due to a shipping error, you instead gave them The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli. It seems to have made quite the impression on the child. 929 words [WP] As you’re being stabbed by serial killer, your life flashes in front of your eyes. In hindsight, it’s really obvious how you were a supporting character in a horror movie 600 words [WP] This faith healer is the only real one in the country, but nothing like you expected. Instead of the usual middle aged guy in a suit, a teenage metalhead dressed in black jumps on stage, headbangs to a Slayer song for a minute, and shouts "Who's ready to feel the healing power of Lucifer?!" 1,330 words [WP]In one of the largest magical cities in the kingdom you've made a living as a magical debt collector. Your skills and equipment are needed when a mage, witch, wizard, or warlock skips out on their debts. 794 words [OT] Friday Free-Form: More than Meets the Eye 289 words [WP] You live in a real utopia. There’s no catch. Write a story about a conflict anyway. 783 words [WP] Every time in your life you've been in mortal danger, a small cat has appeared that casually yet miraculously leads you to safety. Now, as your plane plummets from the sky, spiraling towards the ground, the cat pops out of the overhead compartment. 605 words [WP] After bribery, torture, and other enhanced methods have failed...they send for you. 548 words [WP] God plays chess with Death every year to determine if everyone dies on earth. God only lost once in the past and went undefeated in all future games. However the year is 2019 and death notices that God is attempting to lose on purpose. 197 words [WP] Due to overpopulation, a law was passed globally that requires everyone to hibernate for 100 years at a time after every 90 years. Today is Shutdown Day. As you finish getting tucked into your pod, you instantly notice eyes being shut all around you. But something is wrong. You are still awake. 304 words [CW] Flash Fiction Challenge - Location: Paradise | Object: Headphones 1,161 words [WP] You are a teenager suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. One day you wake up and only hear silence. Your alters are gone. You go about your morning, getting ready for a nice Saturday. When you go down for breakfast, you're met with a kitchen full of people—those people are your alters. 531 words [WP] You died today. Turns out you are the 100 Billionth person to do so. To commemorate the occasion, you are given the chance to undo a single decision. Any decision. 1,766 words [WP] You used to be a famous mage... back in the 15th century. You mostly just make potions to cause a little mischief here and there and to mess with people you don’t like. One day while you are at a coffee shop a lady walks up to you and says “Sir? Yes you! I need a potion....” 241 words [WP] You hear the General's voice over the radio announcing surrender. Problem is, you're sitting with him at dinner.