277 words [WP] Your family is special because every first born has all the memories of their first born ancestors. You are the 73rd consecutive first born. 596 words [WP] "You fool!" cackled the Dark One, "No man can kill me!" "But I am no man!" bellowed the hero, as he unhinged his jaw. A grotesque sound filled the hall as they hacked up impossibly large balls of cloth. Unfurling, they stand and announce "For we are actually three trench coats in a halfling!" 389 words [WP] The Genie was shocked to hear that you only had one wish, not wealth or power. The wish was a letter to an alternate dimension version of yourself. This alternate version wakes up and opens the letter to find that it’s advice from you on why and how they shouldn’t screw up their life like you. 1,008 words [WP] You’re a nurse working nightshift at an asylum. 444 words [WP] You wake up to find out that your entire life as you knew it was a just a dream/simulation. You then realize that you are not human/the same sex/race as you were in the dream, although your real life history is coming back to you. How do you respond? 126 words [WP] "As payment, I demand your firstborn!" the demon said. "Deal!" You said, hastily signing the contract to seal the deal. "Good luck with them, sucker!" 239 words [WP] Your mission is to write the worst opening to a YA novel ever. How badly can you make us cringe? 1,240 words [WP] Scientists use artificial intelligence to design the perfect human embryo. After the child is born, it learns to walk in two weeks, can speak three languages at 12 months, and at the age of three begins to sprout wings. 269 words [WP] We tend to fantasize about the future being better than the past in terms of technology, equality, knowledge, and other global challenges. But sometimes the future is far worse than the past. 367 words [WP] Super powers are common, but super heroes are rare. It turns out most people don't actually want to face death or dismemberment on a daily basis, including you. You enjoy the 9-5 and having a 401k, but my god that government recruiter won't take no for an answer. 370 words [WP] “So… normally us demons get assigned to torment and ruin human’s lives. But, well, your life is already shit, so I’m here to help you get back in your feet. You can call me your Guardian Demon.” 453 words [WP] Prisoners can ask for anything for their last meal. The catch is, if it can't be provided to them, they get set free. They've asked for many things : alien egg omelette, dragon steak, the flesh of Jesus Christ, etc. The execution streak remained unbroken for decades, until today. 144 words [WP] Your friend has been bitten by a zombie, and you both agreed to just wait and deal with it when the time comes. It's been a month, and your friend has yet to transform. 633 words [WP] Your evil alternate reality (goatee optional) version of yourself comes to your world. But as you learn more about them you begin to realize that they’re not so bad. In fact, you begin to suspect that you have been the evil version of yourself all along. 143 words [WP] "THE ENEMY APPROACHES, RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" The gate to the kraken den rises, as the kraken comes out, tentacles raised, before speaking. "I'm......Free? I'm Freeee!" The Kraken then swims off into the sunset. 463 words [EU] “Childhood is idolizing Batman. Adolescence is when The Joker starts to makes sense. Adulthood is realizing Commissioner Gordon doesn’t get paid enough to deal with their shit.” 156 words [WP] You're a sadistic philosophy professor who kidnaps people and puts them in real-life versions of famous thought experiments. 482 words [WP] You are a software developer with a strange power. You can tell what the cost of a line of code is. Normally the cost is measured in cpu cycles, or bytes of RAM, or hours of future maintenance. Today it's measured in lives lost. 605 words [WP] You are a long forgotten god. Alone in your realm as your existence slowly lose meaning, you try to remember your name. 1,179 words [WP] When you were a kid, your guardian angled killed a man to save you. The last you ever saw of him was his ethereal form being dragged into hell. Flash forward 15 years and out of desperation, you summon a demon to trade away your soul. Suddenly, your ex-guardian angel appears before you.