241 words [WP] You hear the General's voice over the radio announcing surrender. Problem is, you're sitting with him at dinner. 1,128 words [WP] Everyone has a kill counter above their heads visible to everyone denoting the number of people they killed. One day as you were in your room, yours ticks 1, then 2, then 3 and explodes with digits. 268 words [WP] You’re the first human to successfully land on Mars. You step out of the craft and spot something unusual. You see footprints. They look remarkably human. 309 words [WP] With the invention of cheap and affordable space travel; solar-sail driven vessels are the norm. The Age of Sail has returned; and with it a new golden age of piracy. 255 words [WP] God walks into his office at 4:30AM for a emergency 4:45am appointment. As he sits down with his morning Starbucks, St. Peter calls from the front desk saying his appointment is here—early. As God strolls down the steps to the Gate of Heaven, he catches the eyes of his patient. Stan Lee. 175 words [WP] Scandinavians still believe the only way to get to Valhalla is to die in battle. For that reason, every hospital employs a Battle Nurse. 189 words [WP] You've always carried the subtle, lingering fear that someone could read your mind while you were in public, but you had always written it off as a silly form of social anxiety. That is, until you spotted someone on the subway home lip-syncing the song stuck in your head. 188 words [WP] You are a serial killer who has never even seen one of your victims. You work as a 911 operator. 234 words [WP] You are an immortal. Every so often you fake your own death to lay low and prepare all the paperwork for your next identity. This attempt went horribly horribly wrong. 447 words [WP] You're a murder victim for hire. As an immortal masochist, no job could suit you better. You're happy to substitute for assassination targets, disgruntled lovers, and would be serial victims. Until one day, strapped to a serial killer's table, they lean in and say, "Have we met before?" 115 words [WP] A teenager has been kidnapping young children during the night for his gang of thieves; he addicts them to "pixie dust" to ensure their subservience. Only a lone police captain believes it to be true. This is the story of Peter Pan and James Hook. 189 words [WP] Every time you pass judgment on someone, your soul manifests itself in the other person’s body, never to return to your original form. Whenever you enter a body, the person’s voice and consciousness battles with your own. You now have a chorus of voices and have lost all sense of self. 634 words [WP] You are #1 on the Naughty List & Santa Claus has been trying to have you killed since you were a kid. Nobody has believed you even after years of failed close attempts. Now you learn this Christmas he's finally coming to finish the job personally. 46 days and counting. 860 words [WP] Growing up, you were always scared of the monster under your bed. Now, years later, you return to your bed one evening and find a letter sitting on your pillow. The monster, although old and frail, is coming out of retirement. You check under the bed and ... notice he has fallen asleep. 943 words [WP] You are the proud owner of a new cutting edge voice activated car. On your way to work the radio DJ announces the next song - AC/DCs - "Highway to Hell." The car replies in a chipper tone. "New destination found. Recalculating route." 907 words [WP] Every time you eat meat, you view the entire life story of the animal it came from up until it's death. It used to bother you, but eventually you become numb to it. One day your wife serves you dinner, and you see the life of the woman you cheated with 3 years ago flash before your eyes. 195 words [WP] One day, minding your own business, you find out you've accidentally just killed a bunch of people. 468 words [WP] As it turns out, you *do* become a wizard if you're a virgin by 30 140 words [WP] Some things must simply end - but this does not mean they are not still beautiful when they do. 325 words [WP] Magic exists, however with a catch. Everyone can only use magic the way they expect magic to function. Harry Potter fans MUST do weird wand waving while Call of Cthulhu players all end up going insane. Write an interaction or duel between two vastly different magic users.