601 words [WP] You wake up one morning like any other day. But something seems... off. You then realize that this is exactly 3 years ago -- the day your best friend was killed. 708 words [WP] You wake up one morning like any other day. But something seems... off. You then realize that this is exactly 3 years ago -- the day your best friend was killed. 533 words [WP] write the most exciting story you can with a cast of <10 characters and a set confined to a single standard apartment 546 words [WP] "Prepare for your doom, Generic-man!" "Wait! There are civilians here, let's evacuate them first!" "Shit, you're right!" 1,302 words [WP] in the far, far future, the multiverse theory is proven and people have the means to travel to any universe they'd like to live their fantasy. write about a universe border guard whos job it is to allow or deny people's access to certain "outlawed" universes. 1,196 words [WP] You've been missing for ten years. You finally come home and your spouse has moved on. They've got a new spouse, kids, a house. All that kept you going was thinking about seeing your spouse again and now you're unsure of your future with them. 328 words [WP] You're a god, err... one of the best and most feared gods... Death. You can literally kill somebody with a tap... The problem? You just want a damn hug. 790 words [WP] The sudden popularity of the phrase "No U" leads to you discovering that you have had an incredible superpower your whole life. Any time you say "No u" whatever was about to happen to you will be immediately redirected to its source, no exceptions. 1,177 words [WP] Children often manifest into the negative labels given to them. 257 words [WP] Convince the boy not to end the world. He will listen to you. 595 words [WP] You are a monster, but thanks to a potion that you take daily you can appear as a human. You have been able to go to a human school and even make a small group of normal friends. But then your potion runs out in the middle of a sleepover with all of your friends. 669 words [IP] my dog Cannibal passed away last nigh, these are the last pictures I took of him. Someone please write a story about him. 500 words [IP] Fenrisúlfr - Guardian of the ruins. 421 words [WP] The world changed 20 years ago and the evils of man were made manifest. Murder, Violence...all the dark emotions now spawn demonic creatures from the shadows. Because demons ignore your kind, you've been tasked with killing them and those who spawn them using your special power - sociopathy. 1,173 words [WP] You open your presents for Christmas, only to discover a box with a tiny elf holding a note. "Due to elf overpopulation in the North Pole, we have decided to hand out some of our least productive elves. Enjoy your new companion." 336 words [WP] When out in the woods, you discover a cave that leads to a world that operates under Pokémon logic... And find that you have an innate ability to tame the monsters of this world. 709 words [WP] A Henchman, who works for a scary but also rather respected Villain, is crying one day. Much to their surprise, the Villain tries to calm them down. 229 words [WP]You discover a library with a biography for everyone on Earth. While reading yours, you notice that when someone else is mentioned, there’s a note showing where you can find their biography. It’s odd how someone who was a sentence in your book has a whole chapter for you. 477 words [WP] The heroes nearly won with the “Friendship is power” trope, but lost because the villains did that trope but better. 1,481 words [WP] Time freezes around you. Once a year has passed, it unfreezes. All around the world is gripped by mass hysteria of the messages you left.