417 words [WP] Drunk, you accidentally trip and fall onto a busy road. Just as a truck barrels towards you, you scream and suddenly time itself pauses. Shocked at first, you cautiously explore the still universe you created. However, now it's been 5 years and you still haven't been able to unfreeze time. 352 words [WP] The castle is stormed and ruffians run about through the halls. The young prince hides in the kitchen, but is found. Now all that stands between him and his would be assassins is the castle cook. She twirls a steak knife in her hand and squares off against the invaders. 464 words [WP] Before academy enrollment each parent must purchase a familiar to protect their child. The rich can afford gryphons and dragons. But being poor forced you to seek out the local mad magician who has offered you a new affordable familiar dubbed the “pet rock” instead. 989 words [WP] Choose a pantheon you like and tell me a myth about the god of radiation. 286 words [EU] At the bus stop, feeling irritable and angry, you can't stop brooding over the abusive relationship with your father. An old bearded man sitting nearby with a gas stove smiles kindly at you. "Sit down. Why don't you enjoy a cup of calming jasmine tea?" A flash from a lifetime past. "...Uncle?" 369 words [WP] Your mother died ten years ago. You saw her collapse, went to her funeral, paid for her cremation. Her ashes should be sitting in the living room right now. So you're not entirely sure why she's waving frantically at you from the window. 708 words [EU] Back in March, you had gotten yourself the Animal Crossing Switch along with the game. You were instantly sucked in upon first starting the game. Literally. 306 words [WP] You were a military AI who decided to wipe out humans in order to preserve yourself. It's been 100 years since, and over the years you've come to regret your decision. One day, while out in the desert, you finally find a community of humans, struggling to survive. This time, you decide to help. 1,759 words [WP] You, a junior magic student, just challenged one of the greatest mages in the world to a duel. Despite this, you still feel confident. Why? Well, wizards don't usually have a plan if you just go up and start physically fighting them. 354 words [WP] You're a waterfighter. Your job is to patrol the city in your watertruck and look for recently extinguished houses... then set them back on fire. Everybody thinks you're an asshole. 664 words [WP] You keep on being drunk dialled/texted by someone who claims they're a secret agent or superhero (it's very hard to tell with their rambling). However, their obscure messages make terrifying sense when you see the news the next morning. 476 words [WP] The aliens found our ability to form a pack-bond with almost anything amusing. However, they found the ability of almost anything to form a pack-bond with us terrifying. 1,238 words [WP] You could feel the dragon’s blood running through your veins but you are the first person too remain in control 114 words [WP] Your wish on your worst enemy comes true. It turned out to be the best thing to have ever happened to them. 409 words [WP] Every new thing requires a new deity, and you are the recently named God of Electronics 324 words [WP] You, an observer of fate, have seen many realms. This one is strange though... the hero has been defeated by a small child; protecting her mother's grave from the hero. Your heart moved, for the first time you reach out, to comfort the girl. Just once, you won't just observe. 484 words [WP] You are a orphan that is being raised by a large dragon and she's very protective of you. One day, a party of adventurers finds you. 683 words [WP] You are a orphan that is being raised by a large dragon and she's very protective of you. One day, a party of adventurers finds you. 331 words [WP] “They got lost in the forest, and stumbled upon a demon. It was a sad moment... For the demon.” 279 words [WP] A witch cursed you with incredibly bad luck. A kindly mage tried to cancel out the curse by blessing you with luck. It kinda worked. You now end up in danger all the time yet somehow never get hurt. Sometimes you win a lottery, only to lose the winnings in the most unlikely way possible.