376 words [SP] No matter how much you drink you can't forget 1,077 words [WP] An adventuring party is hired to collect back taxes of a local dragon 302 words [WP] You wake up in the middle of the night with your paralysis demon cowering in the corner of your room, scared to death of whatever stands at the end of your bed. 596 words [WP] In a dingy, cyberpunk city, civility is a word missing from almost every gang's vocabulary, except for one. With the trappings of the romanticised mobsters of the 30s, they're equal parts loved and lauded for their strict code of conduct. You play by The Family's rules, or you're outta here. 410 words [WP] Turns out everyone's religion is "true," and they go to the afterlife they believe in most. You, an atheist, have just died. And the universe took you at your word when you joked about worshiping the Flying Spaghetti Monster. 820 words [WP] "Hey man, seeing ya after 5 years. How's life been?", "Just the same old, pal. Nothing much happened.", "Bro... I see you missing a hand and a leg.. your left eye is glowing green.. and your dog is constantly covered in BLUE flames... How in the world you feel nothing much happened?" 140 words [WP] An over-thinking scientist continually devises plans to get the main hero to notice them, though all of their attempts end up misinterpreted as desperate attempts to take over the world 229 words [WP] A creature beyond comprehension watches you, your every move is narrated in a calming voice all around you that you can’t pinpoint, and you believe you see cameras right outside your field of vision. 459 words [WP] While checking out an abandoned island with your new friends, you decide to look at the local pictures online. The only one nearby is a photo of you and your friends posted a month ago, before any of you even met. 488 words [WP] a witch is hired by some troubled parents, to frighten children into getting fit. 198 words [WP] "Attention, denizens of the Underworld. One among you tried to blackmail me, stating that unless I did as you wish, you would make public photos of me having a 'fairy princess' tea party with my human goddaughter in the Mortal Realm. I released those pictures for viewing myself this morning." 462 words [WP] As a little kid, you liked to pull harmless pranks on the local cryptids. As you grew older you realized the danger of going out into the woods and stopped visiting them. Turns out, the cryptids had fond memories of your antics and want to come and see you again. 414 words [WP] You are a supervillain who went undercover as a superhero for jokes, only to discover how corrupt the system is in the hero society. The system is so corrupt that you agree to lead a small group of superheroes to rebel against the unjust hero society. 1,246 words [WP] Everyone in the galactic community had heard the tales of Human endurance, it had been the stuff of story or nightmare in the decades since first contact. But nothing had prepared the Galactic Council for the first time a human representative broke out the Filibuster. 709 words [WP] You appear in an infinite white void of a room with nothing more than yourself, and a white piece of paper which reads, “You have been banned from existence.” 402 words [WP] "Why are there curtains on your mirror, Dave?" "Oh, you know, for privacy." 528 words [WP] A devil proposed a trade: you receive 100USD in exchange of 1hr of lifetime. Surprisingly, you realized this is actually higher than the salary you earn from hard labor. (And no taxes are deducted) 1,772 words [WP] Turns out strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is actually a pretty good basis for a system of government. 1,185 words [WP] You never thought the rumours about the Witch in the apartament above were true. But the girl siting in a broomstick outside your window seems very real. And she needs your help. 358 words [WP] In a world of superheroes and villains, both are seen as a 9-5 jobs. It’s your first day as a villain.