168 words YSK Overdosing on Tylenol (Acetaminophen/Paracetamol/Panadol) is a slow, painful way to die 144 words YSK Apple are now limiting iPhone’s AirDrop feature to “Everyone for 10 minutes” 294 words YSK: Almost no chiropractors are licensed medical professionals. It is a pseudoscience with no backing in evidence-based medicine. 229 words YSK that if you are hearing a buzzing, hissing, or whistling sound (something similar) out of nowhere, it might be Tinnitus. 139 words YSK: Never attempt to open or disassemble a microwave unless you know what you are doing. 112 words YSK: Your parents are flawed human beeings, just like you. Their parental mistakes don´t have to define who you are now 166 words YSK: if a URL has a lot of seemingly random numbers and letters at the end, it is ALMOST always tracking metadata that you should remove before sharing 187 words YSK to always send that message of concern to a loved one. 247 words YSK it isn't weird or dangerous to disclose the vin number when selling a vehicle 150 words YSK You can skip any ad on the YouTube app 150 words YSK: Many “accelerated leadership” programs at big companies are a talent retention tool and have little impact on your own career path 143 words YSK: abusers may try to guilt you into thinking you're a bad person 135 words YSK: There are many restaurants on UberEats that don't exist. 160 words YSK: Male domestic violence victims are more likely to be arrested when calling the police than their abusers. 192 words YSK under US Labor Law, 100% of tips have to be paid to workers. It's illegal for employers to take your tips. 1,125 words YSK that the USA has an emergency suicide hotline. Dial 988. 161 words YSK: You want to get your life, disability, and long-term care insurance BEFORE getting your genes tested 139 words YSK: Most corporations and ISPs track you through DNS and by using open source servers like Adguard DNS, you can block ads/trackers/malware on entire devices 113 words YSK: when you buy digital media online, you don't own it, you're just licensed to watch it. that can be taken away. 132 words YSK: Dating files using YYYYMMDD format will keep them in chronological order, leading to better file management