141 words The idea of no work is seen as heaven but we've built a society on grind and work 118 words The misogyny in this sub is so gross. Everyone commenting about that Uber girl’s tiktok should take a hard look at themselves. 267 words BILLIONAIRES CONTRIBUTE TO THE GROWTH OF SOCIETY. Can you guys tell me what you think of this? objective perspectives would help 175 words How do boomers not see the issue 182 words I heard you guys would get a kick out of my employer’s bullshit 158 words Idk how ppl function 134 words A business that threatens closure because it can't afford to increase wages is a business that shouldn't be open to begin with. 244 words Parasites 219 words 20% Surcharge not including tip at the restaurant I just ate at. I’ve never seen this before and not sure if it’s common but what BS. 162 words Routine 132 words My unvaxxinated boss hired ANOTHER unvaxxed person 333 words Elon Musk has started a YouTube campaign to convince everyone that all billionaires should be exempt from paying taxes. 143 words Found this on Facebook. Would love to hear what antiwork has to say about it. 363 words What radicalized you? 192 words I was just at a corporate Burger King event in the USA with some very high execs in the room. They're not getting the message yet. 135 words Can y’all help me get through to my parents ? 289 words Your employer shouldn't make you feel bad for choosing to work remotely 166 words Reddit Antiwork Moderator Says Working Was 'Degrading' and 'Pointless' 189 words That escalated quickly 238 words We all like to rag on bad job postings. I'd like to post one that should serve as an example for employers to follow of a more ACCEPTABLE listing.