138 words Daily Tech Support Thread - [September 23] 196 words Apple is adding virtual fitness classes to its subscription bundle 491 words Steve Jobs Introducing the App Store and Why They Take a 30% Cut 159 words WordPress for iOS Was Blocked From Updating Unless it Agreed to Add In-App Purchases for .Com 138 words Apple statement on terminating Epic’s developer account: “We won’t make an exception” 125 words Not self promoting here but after a lot of research I finally found the real identity of Steve's daughter, Erin Siena Jobs. Apparently, she goes by the name Erin Powell. Even Daily Mail has posted wrong pictures of her. I am just a beginner so keep the criticism on the down low. 164 words Daily Tech Support Thread - [August 11] 133 words Apple wants your iPhone to replace your passport and driver's license 111 words New AirPods features: automatic switching between devices, spatial audio for AirPods Pro 154 words Daily Tech Support Thread - [June 17] 102 words Automatic ceasing all operations on May 28 making all devices useless, blaming COVID19. 190 words Apple may or may not switch Macs over from Intel to AMD, but it should 146 words Apple has already started slowing down my 1 year old 5K € iMac Pro 143 words Interesting article on AirPods. Especially the “Platform Building” section. 212 words The 16" MacBook Pro is Special - ft. Phil Schiller! 143 words Apple reveals new AirPods Pro, available October 30 108 words The iPhone 11 is also Pro. 145 words Daily Tech Support Thread - [October 14] 148 words iPhone 11 Pro Max Teardown - Tiny Motherboard & BIG Battery! 285 words iOS 13.1, the next (and presumably more stable) version of the software will ship September 24, *not* September 30 as previously expected & reported.