163 words What percentage of people with major depressive disorder has suicidal thoughts? 125 words Why do I smell like this? 163 words How/why did the Dancing Plagues occur? Why aren't there any dancing plagues (or similar) today? 236 words Is there really no better way to diagnose mental illness than by the person's description of what they're experiencing? 141 words Why does activated charcoal pop and crackle when water is poured over it? 290 words AskScience AMA Series: I'm Dr. Kaeli Swift, and I research corvid behavior, from funerals to grudges to other feats of intellect. Ask me anything! 142 words Will the rings of Saturn eventually become a moon? 107 words How do scientists get neutrons for experiments? 342 words How can I disprove a BlackJack strategy of increasing bet by +1 unit after each win? 149 words Are there any major differences between the last couple interglacial periods? (MIS 1, 5, 11)?? 192 words Why do people say it’s the current that kills you and not the voltage? 551 words Why does mold/fungus come in such a variety of colors? 272 words Is elevation ever accounted for in calculations of the area of a country? 159 words How does cancer actually kill people? 235 words How do complex mutations happen through evolution? 142 words (Chemistry) Why do the orbitals of an atom only hold a certain amount of electrons? 138 words Which animal can communicate over the greatest distance? 364 words The Gympie Gympie plant (link in comment) can cause pain that lasts years. How does it do this, wouldn't toxins be flushed from your system by then ? 148 words Do (fighter) airplanes really have an onboard system that warns if someone is target locking it, as computer games and movies make us believe? And if so, how does it work? 135 words AskScience AMA Series: I'm Alex Marson and I'm an immunologist at UCSF. My lab is building more efficient CRISPR-based gene editing tools to supercharge the human immune system to fight cancer, infectious disease, and autoimmunity. AMA!