151 words Just been notified by landlord at inspection that the owner is likely to increase rent by $130.00 per week at our next renewal…which will make it a $200 increase in 2 years…this is fucking insane 454 words Albanese & Bandt respond to MP's post saying voting Greens will keep Morrison in power 130 words Election 2022: Anthony Albanese announces plan for Medicare 112 words Labor accuses Scott Morrison of 'encouraging' Darwin Port lease with nearly $20 million incentive payment. 107 words ‘Outrageous crime’: Australia's media union demands justice for death of Al Jazeera journalist 249 words COVID complacency is costing us 147 words The PM previously said Albanese had no power to do anything about wages – now he’s arguing the Labor leader wants to do too much | Katharine Murphy 139 words It was Scott Morrison's so-called quiet Australians who delivered him his shock "miracle" election in 2019. What remains unclear after the first week of the election campaign is if they're still with him or just quietly furious at how he's governed in the three years since. 126 words Trans rights are non-negotiable for the Greens,' says Adam Bandt 133 words Renters spend 10 times as much on housing as petrol. Where's their cost-of-living relief? 353 words Rental horror stories request 140 words ‘Tricked’: Big claim on new Premier’s win 142 words Adhd Medication 298 words Easy to prepare or cook alternative 306 words Entirety of Hamas to be listed as a terrorist organisation 227 words 2Flag 2Furious - The sequel to Get the fuck out of Canberra 128 words Return to school supports child rights – UNICEF Australia 142 words An interesting guy to say the least, idk how low you gotta be to do this. 152 words More than 53,000 positive RAT results reported in NSW 181 words As COVID rips through Australia, is Scott Morrison's media strategy starting to fail as well?