141 words Ramping up of Sinophobia and anti-Asian sentiments in the Anglo media and social media. Most of the Chinese headlines are not even what China is doing, but what US and Anglos are doing to China. 169 words Another self-hating Asian talking down on her own people and saying how Asians are “privileged.” Do they not see what’s happening in our society these days? 195 words Asian Shopkeeper brutally assaulted from behind in Manhattan 225 words A Chinese's thought of being Asian during this 211 words Chans and Asians blame China for ruining the "image of Asians " across the globe... But what about western emasculation of Asian men? 129 words Asian Australian vs Asian American 150 words Cops and Covid-19 162 words AM representation in a BMW commercial (2019) 155 words Sexpat Mike Jones-Mathias dies after being punched by security guard in Pattaya over unpaid bill. 116 words Article about racism against Asians, now it's actually about how much racism white people face, also Asians are so racist 198 words It was never about legal vs illegal immigration for Trump and supporters, it was always about justifying the second-class treatment of every POC in America. 265 words Is China DESTROYING Africa? (sexpatza) 130 words AF dumped by WM for younger AF 196 words What is Andrew Yang's plan for Black America? 118 words The New Zealand White Terrorist Mass Murderer Praises Asia and China in his Manifesto 278 words "The Chinese are much better than [the US] at looking at their society and getting what they want from trade arrangements. (47:07 to 47:46)" 132 words Intro to modern Turks 350 words Effects of growing up in a Majority Asian area vs growing up as a minority? 175 words Should Tibet be independent? 135 words What's your opinion on people preferring to date one race over another?