148 words I’m Livia Giles. 2019 ADCC Competitor, World No Gi and World Pro silver medalist, Brown belt World Champion, coach, physiotherapist, Athletic Sports Commission Board Member. This is my AMA. (Please no Physio diagnosis/treatment questions) :) 174 words Some Needed Perspective on a Heavy Topic? 124 words Outside the mat, miles away from the Academy, at a fucking restaurant, my Professor snapped at me in front of people for accidentally calling him '<name>' instead of 'Professor <name>'. 162 words Frustrated and sad as a white belt after a few bad rolls 247 words Predatory Black Belt - should I report? 149 words What’s up with fast promotions? 352 words Could the dudes that want smoke actually show up? 162 words Strebendt sex abuse trial 303 words Question about Gordon Ryan's passing on disc one 144 words I don't feel like I'm progressing after 6 months, should I get private lessons? 163 words When you get to mount and they know the armbar is coming but it's the only submission you know 189 words Constant lower back muscle tightness/soreness in BJJ 134 words Eddie Bravo vs Rickson Gracie (sub only) 288 words How hard should one roll? 376 words Student of ours' committed a crime, now feeling conflicted 492 words Do you guys avoid rolling with any specific people? 165 words Crazy Weird Foot Locks by Warren Brooks 129 words What changed nearing your belt promotions? 113 words Stealing people's content: Leglocker instagram blatantly ripped a portion of one of my highlights without crediting me. 193 words White Belt Wednesday - August 29, 2018