298 words What did you add to or removed from your shelf last month? (May, 2021) 133 words Since Great Western Trails is getting an update, it looks like Mombasa is too (with Re-theme) 136 words The Pandemic Championships were just held in your city. Now they're making a Pandemic version based on your city. What's the theme? Mechanics? Any cool variations? 182 words 2 player games for me and my gf 127 words What is your cheapest "Cost Per Hour" game that you own based on [Game Price] ÷ [Hours Played]? 143 words We received Root for Christmas, and are really enjoying it. Played it 4 times this weekend! 273 words Best Heavy Games for 2 Players? 284 words How does everyone feel about miniature heavy games? 173 words What do you all do with Arkham Horror LCG campaigns that you finished? 146 words Puerto Rico: A game about trading the elephant in the room. 236 words Diversity counselling for Boardgames? 253 words Out of all the moba inspired board games what one is best? 156 words Thoughts on The Everrain? 279 words What Did You Play This Week? (Feb 17 - Feb 23) 314 words I started making my second game. I'm not amazing with art if anyone wants to help by making some art for my game it would be appreciated. I plan to eventually monetize the games I make so if they do well enough I may be able to pay for the art work. I just don't have cash on hand to pay for the art. 123 words CMON Time Machine pledge manager is open. 131 words What does an obsessive sleever do when their game has an odd-shaped component? Make their own sleeves of course! 269 words The Final Accounting of the Shelf of Shame of the Decade! 233 words New to You November 2019: A few days late edition - What new games did you play this month? 185 words Anachrony buying guide?