119 words Next up: UK will refuse to pay the divorce settlement 143 words Pre-Settlement - Still not in the UK 110 words Brexit: How much will food prices rise if UK does not agree a trade deal with the EU? - Thirty per cent of the UK’s food is imported from the EU. 583 words Brexit Supporters 193 words Is the UK more racist etc after Brexit than its EU friends ? 132 words As an European the relief I feel is palpable today 181 words We've been drinking the kool-aid, subreddit! 289 words A Speech for Corbyn 134 words Boris Johnson’s German and French dealings - Britain’s prime minister hopes the EU is softening its line on Brexit. It isn’t 187 words EU leaders 'have accepted UK is leaving without a deal' | Politics News 164 words If the EU won’t change the deal then there will be no deal, so why won’t they change it? No deal means no backstop. 150 words Interested to see peoples thoughts on this - some areas which seemed to be quite pro Europe have a lover signing rate than might be expected. Do we think it’s connected to population density? Or are these areas seeing less “advertisement” of the petition? Have they changed their minds? 352 words Well... I can't deny it: I have become a Brexiteer. 134 words The polls are clear: support for staying in the EU has rocketed 245 words "Immigrants coming here, stealing our jobs" (in a lower-class accent). Where the **** did this moronic pro-immigrant 'argument' originate? And if I say "The Sun is the most massive object in the Solar System" in a lower-class accent, does that invalidate that statement too?? 195 words Russia/UK tension : EU position 410 words Germany & France & unnamed states rejects May’s Brexit transition hopes 721 words Trump opposes EU-UK agri-deal in blow to May’s Brexit plans