286 words Can you avoid Westfall? 228 words The botting is completely out of control. I can hardly go anywhere without seeing bots clearing out mobs I need for quests. 144 words Blizzard, won't change juju flurry because nochanges, changes Blade of Eternal Darkness in ninja patch, changes winterfall runners, changes shatterspear trolls, changes DME drop rates/mob speeds, etc. the list goes on and on 184 words i'm a chronic optimist, but... 134 words Hit Exalted on my 19 Twink the other night. feelsgoodman. 369 words Crashes on launching the game, any ideas? 144 words Playing Warrior puts a smile on my face every single day. 202 words Not sure why, but I wanted to share my story of playing on Flamelash and why I’m now switching to Alliance 114 words Who knew Phase 2 would bring the community together like this 136 words How I imagine healers feel when I drop this bomb on them. 494 words Those who hate the wPvP chaos of phase 2 - what’s your plan if BGs DON’T make things better? 176 words How the quality of servers affects morale of people who are willing to put in the extra effort 280 words To all the Alliance on Ashbringer (EU)... 364 words What Should I Play Wednesdays (November 20, 2019) 621 words Turns out WPVP is really boring.. 188 words The server lag in mass PvP is just unacceptable. 137 words World first 60 Method Jokerd ninja'd Staff of Dominance from my raid last night... 121 words Daily Questions Megathread (November 12, 2019) 218 words Blizzard can keep trying, but the rest of us aren't leaving. 130 words Daily Questions Megathread (October 22, 2019)