598 words Am I stupid for sometimes worrying about being wrong? Sometimes I hear a story and try to rationalize it 204 words It took almost 3 years, but I’ve finally found the peace I’ve been searching for. 130 words Seen on Facebook, the 2 year old daughter of a well known Christian artist passed away and several days later they are still praying for her to come back to life. It’s truly heartbreaking. 118 words Why are you no longer a Christian? 172 words Everything is horrible, isn’t it? 243 words We all have god-shaped holes in our hearts? 230 words I have so many questions that Christians don’t have good answers to. 167 words A thought on Paul 178 words Did you ever blame yourself for making god mad? 141 words Low-effort friday meme 121 words Because this doesn't sound like gaslighting AT ALL 174 words A pastor's exit from faith (Dave Gass on Twitter) 142 words My best friend got upset with me wearing a sports bra bc Jesus? 181 words Comedy ex-christian podcast looking for stories about 1. evangelizing and 2. signs from above 802 words Do you guys remember those youth camps? 148 words My atheist Aunt + Uncle are currently visiting from overseas. After spending all of my childhood praying for them to become Christians and always interacting with evangelism in mind, it's so nice just to view them as normal people again! 184 words Imagine a world without religion.... 203 words I don't want to leave my faith, but I don't think I have a choice. 257 words Wierd thought that I got arround good and evil 218 words I was told it belong here