154 words Is there anyone that thinks Rahsaan is just bull shitting when he acts like he’s upset that he’s never invited to go out with the staff ? I think he’s upset and try to play it off like he’s not 130 words Saw this on a yahoo article on Stern 252 words I am amazed by the level of hate that certain people are directing at Beth. What is this really about? I’m genuinely curious to hear some thoughts on what is really behind it. 132 words Artie Facing Prison Time, Broke His Probation - that's why he's mentioning all this rehab stuff 170 words People act like they have been sentenced to listen to the show. Turn it the fuck off and listen to something you DO enjoy 128 words Artie and Gilbert blame Marci Turk 141 words Holy Fucking Hell! 230 words ETM was taken too soon - imagine his Twitter feed if he had 280 characters. 193 words Jackie BUSTED with a SURPRISE BREATHALYZER TEST! (Classic Clip) 299 words I struggled to laugh once at yesterday's show 146 words Comedian former Howard Stern regular Artie Lange arrested for cocaine heroin posession in parking garage in Hoboken 263 words Am I the only person that kind of feels bad for the whack packers with legit mental conditions like Hanzi, Debbie, and Elliott? 222 words Imus haters? 251 words why did this terrible conflict have to happen 396 words The Wrap up Show (first words you say when it starts) 288 words No more Howard TV but... 426 words Eric The Midget - The Terrestrial Years 561 words KC and Billy West 305 words Most vicious staff fight? 420 words Comedian Jim Florentine Divorced