265 words [Update] AppStore++ Updated to v0.9.14-6 120 words [Question] Anybody have a Parler ipa? 311 words [Help] How can I figure out what tweak/thing in my jailbreak is causing me to have to re-enter my Apple ID password for verification multiple times a day? 125 words [help] holy fuck I’m scared I hope it wasn’t because someone got a hold of my Facebook from one of my pirated tweaks. I think it was juice because I remember trying to log in with my Facebook but it never worked. I’m scared they didn’t get any of my other social media passwords or my email. 324 words [question] Missing breadcrumb navigation 320 words [question] Missing breadcrumb navigation 478 words [Update] System Info 2.7.2 is now out! 258 words [Help] Every time I respring my device, my brightness changes 443 words [Help] any tweak for cloning the apps like whatsapp, instagram? 370 words [Question] Not sure what to do. I’m new to jailbreaking. 161 words [QUESTION] Can someone help pls 311 words [Question] I get this error when trying to install Cydia. Used checkra1n 0.9.7, held would be appreciated. 348 words [HELP] Battery health screen is blank, even in stock mode, iOS 12.4 Uncover latest beta. 411 words [QUESTION] Just jailbroke, keep getting this, even after rootfs restore. 244 words [News] Jailbreaks.fun now working again for unc0ver 285 words [Help] CallBar XS doesn’t ring unless phone is unlocked! 169 words [Help] Dpkg Broken Ios 12.4 ???? 223 words [Help] iPhone Storage does not load. How can I fix this? 165 words [Release] Hey!UrFlash / Dm me for source code / No useless comment / I don’t do that for money / Dev who helped will be credited 111 words [Request] f.lux iOS or BetterNightMode