305 words Success and Disappointment Megathread for the Week of (June 01) 148 words Is there any reason to put in effort if I know I'm being let go? 183 words Coworkers lost respect for me and my image is ruined as a new employee. Makes me want to distance myself more. Am I overthinking it? 134 words Covid-19 Megathread 131 words How to explain why I'm leaving 223 words How to manage anger and frustration in the workplace? 667 words Start the job hunt? Transfer blocked 131 words What's the longest you've had to wait before receiving a job offer? 199 words Favouritism in the workplace - being held back... 137 words Job telling me I can’t Smoke on my break 358 words Im having a hard time getting a single interview 211 words How bad does it *actually* look if you job hop your first 2 jobs? 138 words My employer requested everyone's high school and college transcripts. I teach college courses. I never lied but my boss looked at my LinkedIn account which does say I am a college graduate. I actually dropped out of high school. What do I do? 209 words Hiring managers, make up your damn minds and stop taking so long to get back to job seekers. 155 words I'm so stressed and depressed. Application after application, rejection after reject. Time to give up? 144 words Terrified by a massive layoff at work 127 words Should I just abandon this job or go in and quit since they’ll probably fire me anyways? 979 words Respect for admins 185 words How can I express frustrations to my boss without burning a bridge in the process? (23F) 130 words Seeking opinions on job offer