190 words I got called into a detectives office and told me im being charged with sexual assault. 209 words Parents property road illegally blocked by Federal Agency. Father proved this to the County who ordered gate removed but the County Attorney refuses to take action he was lawfully ordered to by commission. 114 words Workplace advice 223 words Ada compliance? 234 words [16M] I’m living in an extremely strict, cult religion, and need your help with legal advice about my current situation. 137 words My neighbor, was masturbating in the window. 218 words We were almost evicted. Her dad saved the day. Now it seems like she’s not moving out, even though our lease is ending on Wednesday. 141 words Landlord charging me for her mistake (CO, US) 125 words Locked out 158 words Are Movie Lawyers Realistic? 117 words [NC] My wife will not allow my two young children [6 M and 8 F] to leave Mexico and come home. They have been living in Mexico for the last 2 weeks against my wishes. What can I do? 118 words Credit card fraud or not? 140 words LLC accepts money from the rich and gives money to the poor. LLC owner gets large dividends. Is this OK? (USA) 176 words [SC] Can my landlord sign me up for liability renter’s insurance on my behalf and without prior notice/consent? 191 words Disabled and want to open an Etsy shop 151 words (Idaho)Ex is threatening to sue me and get me fired from my job if I don't pay him or get back with him. 162 words My settlement came to be $15,000. The attorney’s fee is 33 1/3% of net recovery. I have a medical lien of $4000. Why does my invoice say I have to pay him $6670 ? 201 words Leaving the state for emancipation? 160 words Teenage breakup leads to restraining order 144 words Nurse with DUI