131 words Self-harm scars at work (Illinois) 116 words A pedophile was in our What’s App group (Germany) 217 words [FL] I believe my neighbor has been vandalizing my mailbox and shooting .22 caliber shots at my house 120 words A pregnant woman keeps harassing me because she thinks I am my brother 139 words I worked for a private ambulance company, the receptionist, who is not on administrative staff or employee relations, has given me a bad reference when potential employers have called for a reference. Is there anything I can do? 152 words I am being harassed online by a mechanic I left a bad review for who keeps revealing personal details about me and my car in his responses. I asked him to stop and he is refusing, can I hire an attorney to get him to remove the personally identifiable information? 120 words Is it legal for a doctor to refuse to prescribe birth control or tubal ligation on a woman in her mid 20s? 162 words Friends GF Realizes She Made a BIG Mistake 152 words Terminated for Drinking While Off Work. New York 162 words Large unleashed dog attacked my 7mo old puppy [LA,CA] 189 words where can I park and legally sleep in my car? 142 words How can I legally ensure my last wishes are not denied after death? 221 words A physician helped me become addicted to meth. Can I report him to a licensing board even though he wasn't treating me? 192 words In Australia what could be done if it is clear that the person charged for murder is just an accessory and the police seemingly made no or very little attempt to find the actual murderer? 129 words I had an X Ray done on me when I went to the hospital, now experiencing extreme discomfort and sharp pains. 167 words Fraud fraud 198 words Purchasing a house with my boyfriend, thinking for the future. 311 words Purchasing a house with my boyfriend, thinking for the future. 370 words [California] Law office offering to collect money owed to me that is in "state controllers office" for fee of $30. Is this legit? Can I skip the lawyer and collect it myself? 185 words I've been told by my boss I can't speak Russian to a fellow Russian co-worker in the workplace or else.