200 words Towed Car from private lot without authorization? Maryland 246 words 420 destroyed my front door 139 words [MI and federal] Can my husband get in trouble if I smoke recreational marijuana in a state where it’s legal? 300 words Am I eligible for a malpractice suit? 188 words Can someone sue a company like Best Buy in small claims court? 889 words At a total loss as to how to extricate myself, is there a legal option here? 160 words My doctor broke HIPAA law and almost gave my mom a heart attack 286 words Ex raped me and attacked me 224 words Our landlord has taken us to court 4 times and lost every time and is now trying to sue us again! 407 words [VA] Cousin got reported to the IRS by online harassers. 569 words Battered single mother whose asked three separate police departments for help an no one will help me get a heroin dealer away from my kid an I an out of our home. 173 words Suspect financial abuse of mom, she just disowned us 273 words New York State county clerk refusing to notarize a document. What statute do I need to refer to when filing a complaint? 119 words Woman pepper sprayed me, twice. Police said there won't be any charges because it was a "misunderstanding" and not malicious. 122 words Special Landlord Tenant Arrangement 173 words Ex-girlfriend is getting ready to accuse me of distributing child pornography/creepshots. Its not true but accusations like that can kill my life/career. What can I do to protect myself legally when accusations like this are made? [CA, USA] 158 words [IL] How do I handle a potential toxic past-employer? 179 words Narcissist abusive ex/stalker slandered and harasses me for years now, moving to same state as them. 166 words [Texas] Fired for "sexual harassment" without evidence. 174 words [Oregon] Being followed in a threatening manner by my girlfriends ex-husband. He is a sheriff's deputy.