426 words my father’s sealed arrest record was leaked to the press while they refused to even tell me what he was arrested for... 172 words [CA] I am being forced to stay friends with somebody. I'm 14, he's 16. He has been threatening me. 144 words Do i have to hive this gun back? 176 words Is my employer allowed to tell me I can't speak Spanish? 132 words Possible harassment? 165 words [Austin, TX] Apartment maintenance workers walked in unannounced on my naked girlfriend, just moments after watching me leave for class, then take their time leaving. They've been watching her for months. 185 words Gay daughter being threatened with expulsion at public charter school 175 words My friend used a credit card she found online. How much trouble is she in? 189 words Corporate luring people into pharmacy with pay raise promise 131 words [US][CA]- Employer Trying To Force An Illegal Contract Onto All Employees 166 words Did my employer just violate my family responsibility right? 131 words A neighboring developer cut back our trees while we were buying the house, then trampled over our land and destroyed our boundary stakes to put construction equipment on his lot 175 words ...Took in a homeless friend, she’s out partying now and I am caring for her dog. How do I legally rehome the dog? 251 words [AZ] My nephew used my computer after I explicitly told him not to. He found porn and his mother is threatening me with various legal actions. 197 words (IL) I’m a coach. One of my players was sexually assaulted during co-ed practice in the pool. Admin giving boy a “warning” on a “zero tolerance policy.” 320 words Prospective employer ran background without my consent 137 words Problem with fellow roommate. MO 179 words How do you stop a law firm that assumes your name and files documents on your behalf from doing so again [State of NJ] 238 words (AL) Husband arrested for domestic violence by strangulation. What happens next? 123 words Girlfriend wants to move out right before the end of our lease