121 words To anyone who plays shooters, what is one big gripe you have in firearm representation? 221 words An Inconvenient Truth about Mass Shootings. 145 words What's a pistol you like for home defense and the range? 112 words Attacks on Jewish people on r/liberalgunowners 305 words Good job boys another water gun off the streets. 188 words Bill introduced in NY that would require a license to buy semi-auto rifles 131 words Something here 150 words What is your one (gun) that got away? Meaning, was there ever a unique or special gun you had an opportunity to pick up, but you didn't, and now you can't find it again? 211 words May just be a .22Lr but it's my rifle nonetheless :) 109 words Questions from a non gun owner 146 words Leftist woman in her 30’s here; never owned a gun before. Have been considering since 2016 but have complicated issues with firearms from my childhood. It’s odd to say I feel a little safer after finding this sub and seeing such a presence and am continuing to learn from it. 109 words There are some great deals out there too. 180 words First time gun owner, getting over fears 235 words I can dig it. 115 words OK folks, Biden won...there are 105,172 of "us" as of right now...so get off your butt and write your senators, congressmen, and the president, and tell them to drop the anti-gun stance. 152 words Is this sub in favour of any gun control 258 words What is everyone's opinion on gun safes? 219 words Dangerous Bait Click 506 words Any drawbacks of gun ownership? 159 words How do you guys balance left wing politics with your love for guns?