200 words I feel like other people who suffer more then want to steal my validation and I hate myself for that feeling. 142 words How is your mood today? 325 words People who tried to kill themselves but failed, what was your experience like? 184 words Am I the only person in the world always willing to make time for other people? Ready for pure commitment? My life is pointless.Looking for someone in the same situation to talk to daily.Someone who doesn't have anyone just like me 131 words Obsessed by my virginity and being constantly reminded of it 206 words WHY DIDNT HE HAVE SEX WITH ME?? But let me go down on him & gave nothing in return?? I feel ugly, used & humiliated ! IS THIS ALL MY FAULT?? 125 words How to know if I am a victim of emotional abuse? 150 words i’m too scared to get help 200 words Paranoid about having schizophrenia but clearly don’t 183 words Misophonia 120 words Im gaining weight 121 words Vivid dreams causing issues in real life 102 words I'm not sure if I'm depressed but something is definitely wrong with me and idk what to do? 200 words Isolated and alone after suicide attempt 261 words Best way to get over my ex? 134 words I don't want to live a "Long, Successful" life. 288 words I’m not going to my dad’s birthday party, he can cry if he wants to. 129 words Anger suddenly subsiding? 288 words I have problems talking my issues out, but I like to draw symbolic stuff to depict my feelings. How do I get rid of that part of me that is dead? 158 words How do i start really fixing my mental health?