184 words I keep getting emails to refinance my loan 156 words I’m in a major pickle, need some financial advise 348 words Is living on 13$ a day possible? 119 words How do I play the credit card game best for boosting credit scores? Do I really need the 11 cards creditkarma suggests I need for a great score? 122 words A chart I made comparing Credit Karma scores to FICO 8 scores over two years 171 words 2 Job Offers to Choose From 122 words In a deep debt hole. What to do, sell coins or liquidate 401k further 117 words My mom wants me to use a large amount of my inheritance on a 2nd home at the lake 167 words ~130k a year, single, but CC debt slowly climbing 153 words Cut cell phone expense from $225/month to $90/month by switching to prepaid 137 words I low-balled my "desired salary" for a position I'm applying to, not realizing that the norm was a fair bit higher. They've requested an interview. Would it be okay to raise my desired salary if it comes up? 159 words My employer is switching me from a salary exempt employee to an hourly non exempt employee. What will change and what should I look out for? 121 words Help with budgeting for two dogs 120 words Things I wish I'd done in my 20's 178 words Can you explain how I might be getting screwed over in my rental agreement with my father? 191 words I turn 18 in a week and have $2000 in my savings account. How can I make my money work for me? 120 words Help. Late parents named me sole beneficiary of their will 181 words Friend can't get a loan and live on university Campus or get a food plan because of bad co-signer credit 123 words Changed from Salary Exempt to Salary Non-Exempt. What Now? 234 words Trying to squeeze out what money I can, when should I responsibly change my car insurance to partial coverage?