117 words On the flipside to the bad businesses post yesterday, what is a best practice business you've seen that made you want to always go back? 132 words Cottesloe is a dump. 276 words Chief Health Officer statement: AstraZeneca vaccine 214 words Unpopular opinion: let more people into the country 121 words Best alcohol addiction counselling/help in metro Perth? 188 words I highly suggest everyone watch 4corners tonight. 118 words Cars, excavator used to impound Virgin planes at Perth Airport amid stand-off over 'significant' debt 192 words Water bill cost has doubled in last cycle? 307 words Wednesday whinge - fuck baby shops 170 words WA Indigenous leaders file $290 billion legal claim that could become one of world's biggest payouts 142 words Friday fuckwit 122 words The West Australian covering only the most important news stories 337 words Absolute idiocy at Forrest Chase (sorry for poor pic quality) 148 words Willeton Crime 123 words Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder after this happened to me in Perth. What do I do from here? I need people to talk to... 117 words Economy hit by falling Perth house prices 407 words Kalamunda/Lesmurdie and hills life? 132 words i need any recommendation i ve taken 10 lessons with a driving instructor and he said that i m not ready then i took 4 other lesson and he said also that i m not ready for the test however i did drove on the fwy and have done the parking quite good what should i do my PDA next Thursday ? 150 words Fearful residents in despair after homes vandalised 160 words Euthanasia: McGowan Government to introduce assisted dying bill next year