260 words Miyamoto Musashi's philosophy of "winning without fighting" is a central theme throughout his lif. This idea involves using intelligence and understanding of the situation to achieve victory without resorting to violence. 194 words From Self-Harm to Terrorism: Unveiling the Potential Misuse of ChatGPT for Enabling Harmful Conversations and Illicit Actions 410 words How Americans Define Truth 135 words Boenhoffer's Theory of Stupidity argues that it is more an enemy of the Good than Malice because while "one may protest against evil; it can it can be exposed and prevented by the use of force, [but] against stupidity we are defenceless...Reasons fall on deaf ears". 165 words The Dark Aspect of Therapy 126 words The afterlife is in our heads: consciousness and near-death experiences 254 words The moral implications of building true AIs 125 words It’s comforting to think those who disagree with our beliefs are simply irrational. But that isn’t the case. Many complex factors motivate beliefs, and properly understanding them is vital. 277 words Mike Huemer: Abortion Is Difficult 142 words We do what we do because of who we are. We can’t be ultimately morally responsible for what we do without also being responsible for who we are, which is impossible | Galen Strawson. 277 words Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and the meaning of suffering | Every life contains a good deal of suffering, what counts is how we respond to it - our best course of action might be to laugh. 126 words Suicide prevention laws are functionally the same as blasphemy laws 176 words In Support of a Fundamental Right to Die: an argument from personal liberty 285 words None of us are entirely self-made. We must recognise what we owe to the communities that make personal success possible. – Michael Sandel on the tyranny of merit. 142 words Scientists are fraught with errors, biases and conflicts of interest, but the only thing that beats science is better science. 128 words Suffering, not just happiness, weighs in the utilitarian calculus 243 words “It is our biology not our biography that counts in COVID ethics. Policy is blind to the length or quality of life.” War ethics are manifest amid the pandemic, with young people again in the firing line. We can’t overlook the importance of biographical, as well as biological, life. 195 words Collective narcissism is “an ingroup identification tied to an emotional investment in an unrealistic belief about the unparalleled greatness of an ingroup.” It stems from unmet personal needs and becomes something socially toxic. 212 words Tranquility, for Stoic philosophers, is a choice (if not an easy one). Surprisingly, in his Discourses, Epictetus argues that there are only five spiritual exercises to achieve that tranquility in the face of fear and anxiety. 249 words A short clip on the ethics of eating meat.