306 words In 22 years of being a therapist, she’s never heard of a family like mine 173 words Our parents never saw us as children 299 words I was diagnosed with BPD with narcissistic tendencies. I'm heartbroken 704 words Write a AITA from the POV of your n-parent 196 words Father's Day Support Post 484 words Wife is an abuser. Shall i confront her? 254 words I had to have the police make family members leave my house 139 words One thing my mom and I have in common 275 words DAE wish their mom wasn’t a stay-at-home mom? 421 words My narcissist mom said something so cruel to me today (vent) tw 145 words What are some unethical things your mother has done and covered up? Does she gaslight and play the victim when confronted? 162 words Does anyone else have no friends? my birthday is coming up soon and it just reminds me of how alone I am, and how I have to carry this burden of narcissistic abuse still affecting me as it just shows in all aspects of my life. 117 words Does anyone else have parents who invent your bad habits out of thin air and constantly hound you about them? Despite not even being real? 122 words Do any other women experience these symptoms and fleas? Male attention, vanity, shyness, etc. 164 words Anyone else’s nparents give unclear directions and then insult YOUR intelligence when you don’t do things to their liking? 151 words I want to move out of my parent's house but I'm afraid of my dad dying because of it 1,488 words Does anyone else notice their narc parent is very weird about grief? 157 words I am tired (Finally seeing my Ndad for who he is) 218 words Is anybody else here a former gifted child who failed to live up to their potential? 260 words I wasn't independent. I was neglected