717 words Its perfectly normal to feel angry, jealous, cheated, and vengeful when you see your N-parents treating people of your same age range and demographic they way you wish they treated you. 186 words Blind 191 words I don't care what my parents say or do to me, I'm gonna shave my head and they can't stop me 201 words They groomed me to be a bully magnet 382 words So I called the domestic abuse hotline and they were fantastic. A real credit to society. They made me realise I’ve been abused all my life. 164 words What gave you the strength to get through your life at home? 125 words Scapegoats, did the narcissist go apeshit when you moved out? 137 words As a child I dropped a bowl of ice cream 138 words 4th therapist I’ve been referred to says they can’t help me. 129 words Holiday Support Thread - Need to talk but don't want to make a post? Comment here! 367 words I wouldn’t be sad if my mom died. 708 words Any of y’all every heard these ones? 280 words I’ve formed major anxiety because of my nfamily and my health is deteriorating because of it. 221 words Has anybody else learned in their childhood how to cry without making any sound or face expressions? I cannot do otherwise. 160 words Still feeling suicidal. Parents don't get it. 373 words Do any of you also has a parent who are so nice but toxic at the same time? 140 words Lying to maintain boundaries 283 words Anyone else feel suspicious as hell when soneone is nice to you or shows romantic interest in you? 419 words A loveless marriage is like saying “Fuck You” to your children 214 words Ladies raised by Narcissists, has your NParent failed to teach you about your body?