122 words What’s the most ridiculous nearly funny display of N behavior you’ve ever seen from an N. For me? It was the time my nmom tried to convince my school i was skipping class, and then she became angry at the school for telling her i was present. 314 words To people physically abused/assaulted in childhood, Have you had any issues with anger +/ violence yourselves? 300 words What are the red flags one can spot when starting to date a narc? I’m very confused about someone. 243 words Nfather thinks he should be allowed to walk into my house without a invitation or knocking. 523 words I just realized why I eat food I dislike...... 189 words I’m about to get my PhD but my college drop out brother was the ‘smart one’ 197 words Do you ever have a passing feeling where something will remind you of a moment from your childhood, and as an adult, you’re able to realize just how sad that was in hindsight? 233 words Explaining My Past 155 words Reestablishing contact with NMother out of necessity: advice/tips appreciated. 238 words Honestly the most narc-ish thing I've ever heard in my life... 223 words Anybody else not allowed to close their door when you were growing up/living with your parents? 497 words How my nmom's "parenting" lead to 6 months of rape, my first suicide attempt, and years of drug abuse. 500 words Is it actually possible my Nmom is getting better? Backstory and current situation... I'm puzzled. 156 words Indian narcs? 184 words Is there a name for this behavior? Long post. NSFW? 158 words I can't evade the cycle of abuse 178 words Money - How was your personal money handled in your household? 207 words DAE parents make good money but still made you feel poor because of how they would react when you asked for money and the really unhealthy food they would buy? 139 words Sum up your narc in one sentence 239 words Was anyone else constantly forced to apologize for things that upset your Nparents growing up? But they refuse to apologize to you?