186 words The insanity 287 words Nmom doesn’t understand how incest works. 189 words Anyone else unable to remember things? 131 words No more therapy 203 words Nmom is destroying my family because of me, breaking point 145 words finally told my mom I got married. did not go well 256 words Ns Point of view on No Contact : it's a trend! 313 words “How do you think that makes me look?” 694 words Something I’ve noticed in the healing process 258 words My Nmom’s fantasy world 116 words N-Dad threatening suicide, advice urgently needed 647 words Did/do your Nparents always promise you help or money and then pull out after you commited or relied on it? 304 words So when your abusive parents refuse to admit they did you wrong, is it because they can’t feel they did you wrong, or that they are just too afraid to admit wrong doing? 122 words What’s the most ridiculous nearly funny display of N behavior you’ve ever seen from an N. For me? It was the time my nmom tried to convince my school i was skipping class, and then she became angry at the school for telling her i was present. 314 words To people physically abused/assaulted in childhood, Have you had any issues with anger +/ violence yourselves? 300 words What are the red flags one can spot when starting to date a narc? I’m very confused about someone. 243 words Nfather thinks he should be allowed to walk into my house without a invitation or knocking. 523 words I just realized why I eat food I dislike...... 189 words I’m about to get my PhD but my college drop out brother was the ‘smart one’ 197 words Do you ever have a passing feeling where something will remind you of a moment from your childhood, and as an adult, you’re able to realize just how sad that was in hindsight?