231 words Hump Day Report for May 11, 2022 159 words (34F) I need help with anal sex. 274 words 39 and still a virgin 386 words The sex life of my boyfriend and I has become non-existent and I have given up 228 words Sex Report Sunday - October 25, 2020 134 words Women with sleepgasm? 425 words Sex with a lesbian? 334 words Me (m31) is hoping that my gf(f27) getting older will change our sexlife for the better 137 words Possessive dirty talk during sex... using the word "my." Can we discuss this please :)? 146 words Being a woman who is a slut makes me feel unloveable. No one wants to date a slutty girl. 172 words A boyfriend for my wife 201 words Sex Report Sunday - February 02, 2020 147 words I (37m) have been seeing a woman (35f) for a little while. She just disclosed that she has herpes. Not sure where to go from here. 130 words Performance pressure and expectations by partner. When does it outweigh the fun? How to tell my wife she’s killing me and the fun? (M52f42) 121 words Talking with my wife today really got to me 192 words The Hump Day Report 136 words Had a threesome with wife and a male friend; he has a very largе pеnіs and this was the first time she has experienced one. I am now extremely insecure because of how much she moaned while he was inside her. 562 words The upside is that the over-30 (but under 60) crowd is holding it down 336 words Are there married men, or men who are in a serious committed relationship, that follow porn stars, or other random naked women on social media? 143 words In 2 weeks I'll be 33 and he will 37. We an amazing sexual bond. Together 8 years but since last May we have been doing it all long distance. I am bisexual and he is 100 % supportive. We discussed getting a girlfriend. I'm not even sure how to get started. I haven't actively dated a woman since HS.