103 words [talksport] Jamie O’Hara has gone big already ahead of Chelsea v Spurs this Sunday: “Now’s the moment to turn the tide & become London’s biggest team again. It’s a good time to play Chelsea. I think we’ll absolutely destroy you.” 157 words [The Athletic] One Premier League club has chosen not to suspend a player accused of rape. Benjamin Mendy is in court on Wednesday charged with eight counts of rape. How did it get to this? Gregg Evans on footballers, sexual consent & the efforts to educate players 154 words Daily Discussion 143 words Daily Discussion 123 words [Florian Plettenberg] Update Leno: Been told that Arsenal is still demanding too much money for Fulham. Gunners wants around £11m at this stage. Negotiations ongoing. Leno wants this transfer. He hopes for an agreement. 144 words Boca Juniors fans arrested for imitating a monkey and making a Nazi gesture in the game against Corinthians today 158 words Oliver Kahn: "We are happy to see Robert Lewandowski in training on the first day. We have a responsibility to make sure the club is as successful as possible. Robert has shown what he can contribute and what he will contribute in the future. He has a contract with FC Bayern Munich until 2023." 200 words Pep Guardiola's teams league finishes throughout his managerial career 111 words Donnarumma get irritated when was pointed out it was ‘not the first time’ he had struggled with back-passes and playing out from the back.“When did it happen before? When I was fouled against Real Madrid?.." 127 words [The Athletic] With two seasons left on his contract, now is the time for Chelsea to either sign Christian Pulisic to an extension or start thinking about a transfer. The latter looks a lot more likely. 271 words Daily Discussion 209 words Post Match Thread: Austria 1-1 France [UEFA Nations League - Group A1 | Matchday 3] 276 words European clubs’ wage bill and net profits 2020/21 206 words Free Talk Friday 156 words Manchester Evening News: Players briefing against legends, Rangnick's nickname and fraught meetings - the inside story of the worst Manchester United season in decades 287 words Simeone: "It's been a hard season, we need to rest" 994 words Daily Discussion 111 words Sevilla's President responds to Eintracht's President by saying: "Mickey Mouse Stadium has 6 titles of this competition"(Europa League) 300 words Daily Discussion 128 words [Newcastle United] are the first team in Premier League history to not win one of their first 14 games and survive relegation.