175 words Daily Discussion [2019-05-24] 156 words Free Talk Friday [2019-05-24] 110 words 'The goal is just a little bit too big': Chelsea Women manager Emma Hayes calls for nets to be made smaller as she says women's game does not have to mirror everything from men's football 107 words SC Paderborn 07 has been promoted to the Bundesliga for the second time in club history! 253 words Latest on World Cup 2022: Tournament is expected to expand to 48 teams, but is not likely to expand beyond Qatar's borders. FIFA Congress to confirm both decisions on June 5. 138 words [Nicholas McGeehan] "A reminder that FPP cheating is the symptom, not the problem. The problem is that Manchester City is run by a group of very corrupt and extremely dangerous men with a history of extreme violence and destruction. They won't hesitate to take the ship down. " 217 words Fans slam Antoine Griezmann's announcement he is leaving Atletico Madrid... just one year after Griezmann released an hour-long documentary [La Decision] last summer, at the end of which he confirmed he had rejected Barca and would stay at Atletico - but 12 months later has reversed that decision. 202 words Barca fans boo Coutinho on his return to Nou Camp. 143 words Accurate visual representation of the Europa League final ticket allocations 172 words [DiMarzio] Sporting has accepted a €55 million bid from Manchester City for Bruno Fernandes 145 words Monday Moan [2019-05-06] 222 words Manchester United have failed to qualify for the 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League 131 words Two hotel workers required medical treatment after being assaulted by Liverpool fans 217 words Unpopular Opinion Thread 143 words Concussion substitutions ‘worth discussing’ says Fifa 560 words /r/soccerstreams is no more 176 words Match Thread: Tottenham Hotspur vs Ajax [Champions League - Semi Final - First Leg] 155 words Light at the end of the tunnel: Liquidated North Ferriby United are reborn as North Ferriby F.C. 258 words Favorite Team From Other Leagues? 293 words Daily Discussion [2019-04-26]