133 words Just a friendly reminder! :) (found it online and thought I should share :) ) 160 words i just got high for the first time can you help me 148 words Smh 293 words Might have accidentally gotten myself extremely high. anyways, got a question, what are your most memorable stoner snacking choices? 149 words Me every time an hour goes by on my day off 119 words I'm calling for an ENT meeting 174 words Thanks Mary Jane. I couldn't have done it without you 122 words I know it’s a male, but I still think he’s beautiful. I grew him from a single seed I got in my weed for the dispensary. I call him “Douglas” 174 words Does smoking decarbed weed make you more or less high than smoking normal bud? 146 words I quit smoking weed for a month. Here’s what I learned. 280 words Two years ago, I tried legal weed. 1 year ago, I started a clean and simple review page. This year, I went to an AMAZING growing facility to see where it starts. 173 words Kissing goodbye to weed for good 434 words Does anyone else feel that smoking has changed their personality? 219 words California be like 203 words C’mon NJ! Get your shit together! 131 words Boycotting dispensaries and companies like Native Roots, Medicine Man, and The Green Solution until they treat their employees well. 128 words How to utilize cannabis to fight anxiety 134 words The Story of my Dad’s Lost Glasses 326 words It’s so sad please dear god just legalize it everywhere 165 words It’s so sad please dear god just legalize it everywhere