234 words Evening Megathread - 26/05/2020 200 words Can anyone think of a way that UK Border Agency can make quarantine work? 383 words Prince Charles calls on 'pickers who are stickers' to harvest UK crops 169 words Bobby McDonagh: The Great British Brexit tantrum 148 words Majority of UK public supports windfall taxes - Deficit is expected to be more than £300bn in the current financial year as result of pandemic 119 words Why do we just accept that the base income level should be zero? 598 words Daily Megathread - 15/05/2020 118 words Girl, 14, takes on prosecution service over ‘pro-trans bias’ 128 words Majority of Britons continue to think The Government should prioritise health over economy in COVID-19 response. People's health is seen as more important than the country's economic health in latest Ipsos MORI poll. 122 words Nissan in talks to build Renault models at Sunderland plant 196 words So @Keir_Starmer twists the knife. @BorisJohnson got UK advice on care homes wrong and here's Keir's letter proving Boris wrong. 152 words UK 'to bring in 14-day air passenger quarantine' - UK airlines say they have been told the government will bring in a 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving in the UK from any country apart from the Republic of Ireland in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 188 words Exclusive: almost a fifth of UK homes with children go hungry in lockdown 253 words London at the mercy of militant unions who have Sadiq Khan over a barrel 225 words Labour Gen Sec Jennie Formby has emailed all CLPs over the leaked report warning that ''any individual who shares or distributes the report or its contents on an unauthorised basis will be immediately exposing themselves to potential significant civil and criminal liability.'' 540 words Double standards 105 words Video from Boris Post Hospital 426 words Police officers recorded in Rotherham Eastwood village telling people they're not allowed in their front garden. This is insanity. 147 words Sir Keir and a question of cowardice: He seldom talked of his family's Jewish links while anti-semitism raged in Labour and - as he stands poised to become party leader RICHARD PENDLEBURY investigates whether Starmer put politics before principles 172 words Embrace the Universal Credit