238 words Can I create another account to reapply at Walmart 163 words We got some big ass Zucchinis in produce today. 339 words At some point, it'll be more than just memes 127 words Very Frustrated... 155 words The truth about Walmart 302 words Does HO even shop at Walmart? Let alone attempt to understand how these new structures and “rules” ( aka OBW) effect the workforce? We individuals who are forced to implement these new guidelines in order to keep a roof over our head & feed our family? 184 words Having a supervisor that doesn't ride me all day 141 words cutting people who can't work sundays 231 words Me waiting for management to say april fools and give me my hours back 202 words Half this sub is celebrating being fired. Do anyone of you enjoy your job? 128 words It's so pretty. I wonder how long it'll last. Also, I can finally get my own equipment. It only took nearly 3 months at my new position. 146 words What a joke this place is... 160 words To those who keep posting about that guy quitting over the intercom... 133 words Never felt better about calling out of a clopen shift. Anyone else ever call out of a shift that's part of a clopen? 139 words My biggest pet peeve at work... 139 words Ex cashiers 171 words Customer gets mad about coupons and leaves the store, but then you see them the next day 282 words Weekly Salt Thread 53 - Memorial Day? More like Grill Hell. 172 words Stepping down to a DC position 130 words TFW you're waiting for the WM1 loading screen to get past 20%