128 words It's so pretty. I wonder how long it'll last. Also, I can finally get my own equipment. It only took nearly 3 months at my new position. 146 words What a joke this place is... 160 words To those who keep posting about that guy quitting over the intercom... 133 words Never felt better about calling out of a clopen shift. Anyone else ever call out of a shift that's part of a clopen? 139 words My biggest pet peeve at work... 139 words Ex cashiers 171 words Customer gets mad about coupons and leaves the store, but then you see them the next day 282 words Weekly Salt Thread 53 - Memorial Day? More like Grill Hell. 172 words Stepping down to a DC position 130 words TFW you're waiting for the WM1 loading screen to get past 20% 301 words ASM got reamed by store manager because photo/elec/cc had the lowest customer satisfaction. 285 words So I am really scared of being a Stocker. Can anyone give me some help? 336 words What's your personal Walmart story so far? 210 words For all you cashiers 441 words Working for Walmart Is Even Worse Than You Think 408 words Rant: Had the worst night at WMT in a few years. 238 words Woman behind me in line filming me on her phone, narrating "I am a line cutter..." 299 words Is there anything I can do about a foul smelling coworker? 413 words Scheduling Nonsense (slight rant, slight question) 383 words Being understaffed and how much can be expected when you're trying to do a lot on your own. Sometimes I feel Walmart is unreasonable when it comes to expectations.