131 words strange weapon i found in a german news clip about the turkish coup (link in comments) 141 words Unknown glass object filled with unknown liquid, found in an early 1900’s barn. Any leads? 278 words A friend of mine found these weird things wedged in his grandfather’s tombstone today. Does anyone know what these are? The dude with wings is really creepy.. 128 words Face carved into an apple with toothpicks inserted. It has 'gūl' written on the back 331 words I’m trying to figure out who these ancestors are. Any idea of the military uniform? Origin/era? 176 words Brass Bell that has been passed within our family for over 100 years. Does anyone have a clue about the origin? 217 words Found this on my nightstand when I came back from the bathroom, looks very similar to the recent post with the pillow case but the answers to this don't fit to my case, what could it be instead? 132 words What are these squiggly lines in the ocean (16.2835463, 89.7999699) 130 words This came out of a newly opened ketchup bottle. Anybody have an idea what this is? 157 words My friend found this near a small door surrounded by wood in the side of a small hill anyone know what this symbol is, it’s in Ontario Canada if that helps 140 words What is this cute rodent I found in my garden? I let it climb up my hoodie so it could escape from my cat. (Sorry for awful cropping) 391 words Found on a remote beach in the Bahamas. Is this a part of a plane or a boat? 128 words Can anyone tell me what war/year this helmet is from and possibly where it was deployed to? My only info on it is that its U.S and Army. 174 words an indoor concrete dome, might be in or near Budapest, ungary 155 words Help identifying this feathered shawl - flatmate received it in an inheritance and thinks it may be indigenous north american (grandmother was Canadian) 123 words More like "chat does it mean", but I have this sticker on my micro wave, does it mean I should put a spoon in the glass? I always thought that was a bad idea. 193 words What is this sculpture/artifact? I found it at a relative's house (More information in the comments) 415 words Child's sword? Originally bought in Korea in the 1990s 155 words What are these small oval clay things found in the ground? 439 words What is this black tar oozing out of the wall? (Obviously ectoplasm)