193 words disaster 172 words MHA Quirk Combo Effects? 115 words Atheism isn’t *only* a “lack of belief” 145 words CMV: Elon Musk “came out” as conservative to avoid backlash from his sexual misconduct allegations 168 words Ever since doctors saw a spike in Parkinson’s disease cases following the 1918 flu pandemic scientists have studied the link between viral infection and neurodegeneration. Now, new animal research is presenting evidence COVID-19 may increase Parkinson's risk. 157 words Ça finit quand ? 120 words Honestly looking for Muslim gay Men 277 words 1) Can someone please honestly explain to me why people are so desperate to defend abortion? 2) Why on earth would anyone reward a paid advertisement? (Literally says “promoted” next to the username) 3) Maybe don’t use the verb “to gut” in a pro-abortion advert… 168 words Is China a dictatorship of the proletariat? 488 words Is it okay to want a housewife? 157 words EVERTON HAVE DONE IT! 127 words This was taken a couple of years ago I was with my gf at the time 132 words Men, what does it mean when guys want to get serious with you pretty quickly? 497 words This shit is everywhere! 143 words For people who grew up with little money, what always felt like a luxury? 138 words Responding to French in English? 156 words [England[ Can an employer get an enhanced DBS check on me without telling me? 171 words Ex-friend won’t make payments on car 468 words Yet again, the "open relationship" proves to be the kiss of death for a relationship. 248 words What do you think of the line “all boys are same” from recent story/case of susmita dd ?