478 words Human rights are a bourgeois myth created by the bourgeoisie in order to justify them not being burnt alive 373 words Do any of you also has a parent who are so nice but toxic at the same time? 177 words I paid over $400 for a resume rewrite...no interviews after nearly 2 months. Pls help :( 155 words FBI serves search warrant at YouTube personality Jake Paul's home in Calabasas 149 words Society has normalised women treating men like shit 127 words Ban everything then 245 words Daily Discussion Thread: 08/04/2020 234 words [email protected]@t0sa - NEW Onlyfans VIDEO [Link video in comments] 316 words TIL that every child in the United States, regardless of disability, is entitled to a "free appropriate public education," in the "least restrictive environment." If your local school district does not propose such a program for your child, you can request a "due process hearing." 243 words Hmmm well when you put it that way... 248 words I feel like my boyfriend is guilt tripping for what I've done and I honestly can't take it anymore. 161 words 3 people shot in drive by shooting in Gold Coast 119 words China said its fishing fleet, the world’s biggest, has been banned from catching squid in parts of Atlantic and Pacific oceans for three months to help populations recover. It comes as environmental groups and some nations say country’s fleet is threatening to wipe out some fish populations. 176 words Life after Epilepsy 175 words NYC party boat owners arrested after their cruise was busted with more than 170 guests on board 131 words What is your country's national flower? 169 words How to buy and sell gold. 251 words Boyfriend diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease 132 words "The Economy Demands Sacrifice!" 244 words (CW: Slurs) The state of anime communities