344 words Power 124 words Over the past 24 hours, the U.S. reported 26,885 new cases of coronavirus and 1,029 new deaths, raising the total to 215,429 cases and 5,068 dead. This is the first time any country has reported more than 1,000 new deaths in one day 184 words Revisiting Lore | Bloodhound 372 words Comparing the cult of kosmos against the order of ancients. 156 words egg☭irl 628 words Habitantes de Axochiapan amenazan con incendiar hospital 277 words Those who got into H/S/W but chose to go somewhere else, why? Do you regret your decision? 223 words Do you Still Carry a Torch for Someone? Aka, the one who got away. 408 words Church discipline? Reaching out to a church I don’t attend? (What is the role of church in extended family issues?) 143 words The Medical Cabin: Replays and Regret 186 words Help, my ill mother is driving my dad, siblings and I insane, blaming him for her illness and wishing he gets infected. 147 words Being gay is a matter of taste, and as such, people have a right to think it’s gross. 134 words Decided to self-fund my PhD - anyone else? 151 words Rachel speaking the truth.. women do it better! 102 words The cover art for the Chunky Shrapnel soundtrack - Releases for streaming April 24 126 words Oof... 586 words [Serious] Socially fluent people of Reddit, what are some mistakes you see socially awkward people making? 141 words Guys is this a good team and who should I change ?! ( I don’t have any other 5* ) and F2P 132 words Shenzhen becomes first city in China to ban consumption of cats and dogs 123 words Tiktoker encouraging his followers to rub mucous on currency notes to spread coronavirus. Please please disinfect your notes & wash hands after handling them. There might be people like him in your city/town.