358 words Request for community feedback: Does your Tor Browser screen open by default with a content window rounded at a multiple of 200px x 100px, 100px x 100px, or some other size? 128 words George Soros : Capitalism is a system that creates great wealth. Markets are very useful. However, markets alone do not produce ethics, freedom or justice. Markets Fundamentalists completely refuse to accept this 205 words We protested and Soundcloud listened 244 words I'm sick of things always being about the person who lives with someone autistic. 118 words I (30f) don't want to have anymore kids with my husband (29m). 584 words How far do you go with allowing your older children to be frustrated about having another sibling? 129 words [Self] There is no better time to post my Viking themed photoshot! I've let my hair grow since ending of season 5, just to have medium size hair for a braid and take photo as a Modern-Viking. 137 words Collapse Addiction 183 words TemTem Is Probably the Closest We'll Get to a Pokemon MMO - IGN 219 words I visited & ranked all 30 (32) MLB Stadiums before my 30th birthday. 221 words Phoenix and Tuscan expected to get an economic hit as we lose the boomers 131 words She's sending me a PRESENT?? 155 words My (30/F) nephew (14/M) was made aware of the fact that he is my biological son. 174 words 20% all the way around. Before/after 118 words Thank you CCP, for sponsoring Diversmass 240 words My bf raped me while on acid 291 words Probably already posted but this brightened up my morning 217 words Started seeing someone with ADHD. Any tips? 329 words AITA For stealing my sister's wedding thunder. 161 words Exploring Islam, but nervous