235 words Guild Fair Friday - Advertise your guild, Find a guild! 440 words What has been your biggest “close call moment” where you could have died or been seriously injured? 134 words The Deathloop review doesnt make sense 293 words I’ve seen people saying don’t put points into magic. Is this the same for Sorceress since she is magic heavy? 117 words This clip is 2 years old today, MW19 is peak COD to me. 164 words What's the most inadvertently offensive thing you've said? 185 words Great that there's seemingly a new space race to build moonbases... but can't help but feeling the focus should be on setting up an International Moonbase as ISS successor, or at least a "Moon base city" with multiple bases forming a distinct hub. 851 words SpaceX and the potential for disaster. 108 words How is the western world portrayed in Russian media? 141 words What's Maya listening to.... monkaS 159 words AITA for telling my best friend in front of our other friends she stopped being supportive of me a long time ago? 331 words Have a question about the game or the subreddit? Ask away! 188 words To all the young people aspiring to FIRE... 110 words Based. 135 words Big Jerm got robbed 389 words What was the most terrifying nightmare you've ever had? 162 words TIL that Confederate soldiers could not be buried in national cemeteries, nor were they afforded any benefits from the United States Government. When the reburial corps in the late 1860s found remains on battlefields, they'd remove the Union soldiers and leave the Confederates. 314 words What is the stupidest way you almost died? 219 words The Vent-o-Matic 3000 for Friday September 24, 2021 185 words i feel like i’m in denial of having bpd