168 words Help 339 words For people who have had an abortion: what did someone in your life say/do that helped you realize that getting an abortion was the best choice for you? 138 words Lets Talk: 50th Anniversary of Nick Drake's album "Bryter Layter" 257 words Bernie Sanders says U.S. must defeat COVID-19 so young people can date again — 'You got young people, who want to go to school, who want to socialize, want to date, want to do things that young people do.' 141 words [MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Dodo/Friend Code Sharing 154 words What is Columbia like? 234 words Messed up with SD9. I just couldn’t take it anymore. 128 words Thoughts? 133 words This is horrible 274 words I love being able to bond over playing my favourite Nintendo Switch games with my step bro!!! 191 words Weekly Discussion Thread - Monday, March 01, 2021 376 words Ain’t nothing truer than this 288 words Hot Take: Cancel Culture isn't Real | Capitalism allows companies to decide what products they provide and who they hire to protect their brand. This is the way. 135 words How do you prepare yourself for divorce when you don’t want to divorce and love your spouse? 231 words TIL that when emperor Hui of Jin ( 259-307) was informed that his people were starving from a rice famine, he replied with the famous chinese version of let them eat cake: "why don't they eat meat porridge?" 266 words Pennsylvania Governor Begins Process Of Pardoning Hundreds With Cannabis Charges 129 words 'Made You Look': Well done Netflix doc about an $80M art forgery scam that went on for years at NYC's most prestigious art gallery. Really made me wonder about modern art and these people who pay millions for stuff that they then deem worthless five minutes later. 145 words [HWYA] Common th10 layout with full CC. I have a power potion I could use for this 132 words Twitter: the home of bitching 225 words To the Grubhub, Doordash, or any other food delivery employees, what is the strangest scenario you have had with an order?