168 words I almost fell for an IRS scam yesterday 141 words TIL the only way Louis Pasteur was able to study rabies was to keep a supply of infected animals in the laboratory. His assistants routinely pinned down rabid dogs and collected vials of their foamy saliva and were under orders to shoot anyone that was bitten by the animals in the head 127 words Unjerk Thread of May 21, 2018 625 words 20 [F4M] Latina Princess SELLING With Homemade Nudes/Vids and Sexting Kik Down I can verify 660 words What is a proven lie that everybody continues to believe? 304 words Reddit's "part-watchdog" sub is now advocating for unironic Incel Final Solution. 122 words Teen phone monitoring app leaked thousands of user passwords 157 words Can you guide me into WoW's expansions once again? Looking for a good "alternative" launcher 213 words My dearest Avó , she suffered from dementia for many years 172 words Women with friend(s) who can’t make their own friends but befriend all of yours, how do you deal with this? 140 words Trump team got the help of Saudi Arabian princes - the leading country funding radical islamic terrorism - to swing election in his favour. 141 words What is the easiest job that also pays well? 137 words Why is Windows 10 not included in most of the builds I see on here? 121 words I'm actually okay with the "each movie once" thing, and I am also okay with the "one movie a day" thing. I am not okay with them together. 1,184 words Sohn Idea Contest Winner Breaks Down La Quinta Thesis 132 words Servers down in an already short event 115 words New to the League Format 108 words Baton of justice 972 words [@enews] RT @e_entertainment: Don’t miss E!’s @GiulianaRancic and @MzGossipGirl host “Live From The Red Carpet: The 2018 #SAGAwards” with @erinlimof… 702 words 4K.STREAM-LIVE\] THE RED CARPET 2018 Grammy Awards FULL LIVE ONLINE FREE .... ON REDDIT