136 words If Lincoln would have NOT been elected the USA would be better off. 153 words What could be the issue if a mountain bike is not shifting correctly and if you got a new bike that isn't working, replaced it with the same model of bike and just got one that has the same issues, should you just get a new bike? 140 words Anderson Cooper shuts down Trump Jr's lie about his picture in floodwater. 212 words Common Fuck-Ups Megathread - September 17, 2018 204 words Are there Python-aware text objects? 161 words Triple Talaq divorcing. Shia or Sunni? 268 words Spanish foreign minister claims Trump told him to build wall across the Sahara desert to stop migrants 178 words (3 years clean)I'd be allowed to have a 3day binge if I made it 3 years. Glad my DB was high on meth last time I saw her cuz she lost her shit on me (cuz I talked 2 sentences) so I drop her, plus I hate cold copping. So looks like I'm continuing the dope sobriety. Still on that opiate grind tho 162 words State senate 140 words Shut up and marry me 188 words Thu 9/20 - Christmas TV Listings! 238 words FUCK adderall I don't even know my sexuality anymore 374 words Regarding Punjab Development 289 words [NeedAdvice] I have tried literally everything in the book 163 words If Kavanaugh's accuser is lying, why is she the one asking for a thorough investigation? 201 words Don't forget about 'No Code of Conduct', the anti-CoC for your open source project! 218 words In need of advice 173 words Misoginia e preconceito no mercado de trabalho é real e assustador 138 words 'The racist West Village video shows that we've still got a long way to go' 137 words RemoveDEBRIS satellite performs world’s first in-orbit space junk capture