164 words TIL that Dr. Martin Luther King jr was allowed to attend Morehouse college at the age of 15 due to a classroom shortage of students brought on by world war II. He was still required to pass the college entrance exams which he did at only 15 years old. 127 words Why does Arin hate Danny enjoying things? 217 words starting auto tech classes, what tools do you recommend? have a socket set, what brand torque wrench, ratchet wrench sets do you guys recommend? 259 words (TW) Trauma turned memories into something else? Anyone else ever experience this? (Trigger warning) 260 words Question Time audience member alleges that anti Diane Abbott sentiment was deliberately whipped up among the audience prior to filming. 221 words Redditors what do you do to help you fall asleep? 119 words Giving Gillette some perspective: 282 words Single Bet Roulette Strategy 153 words Decent for a $100 Q? 150 words It's a trap 404 words How many Democrats does it take to change a lightbulb? 157 words Kid decides to baptize himself after getting too excited 160 words George W. Bush delivering pizzas to federal employees who have been working without pay. 270 words Larissa has been charged with domestic violence. 222 words iptv 110 words TIL during WWII, American POWs in Japan had a 40% chance of dying compared to American POWs in Germany who had a 1% chance of dying. 252 words In all honestly. When the Pats dynasty ends. Which team is closer to starting another dynasty? 185 words NXT UK Takeover Blackpool and British Wrestling Crowds 116 words MLK Warned Us of the Well-Intentioned Liberal 124 words Nuked Out/Nuclear Bitching General