141 words Guys is this a good team and who should I change ?! ( I don’t have any other 5* ) and F2P 132 words Shenzhen becomes first city in China to ban consumption of cats and dogs 123 words Tiktoker encouraging his followers to rub mucous on currency notes to spread coronavirus. Please please disinfect your notes & wash hands after handling them. There might be people like him in your city/town. 160 words What type of alcohol do you prefer (beer, wine, seltzer, mixed drinks, etc.)? 185 words Pentagon Seeking 100,000 Body Bags For Civilians 383 words The other day I showed you my Solar/Utility power controller. This is the remote control I made for it. NRF24L01, ESP8266 and another MEGA plus LCD screen. 157 words Terminator live wallpaper 128 words Would banning abortions really lead to a better world? 149 words What do you use for protection if you live in a country where is illegal to buy firearms? 138 words It’s getting too ‘political’ here 146 words Why do women follow this religion? 156 words What’s your moon sign and what moon signs do you often find yourself surrounded by? 120 words Fl Gov Ron DeSantis quietly signed second stay-at-home executive order, which will override local counties from mandating churches close their doors 132 words Loners of Reddit, what was your way of dealing with loneliness as a kid that you didn't realise until you grew up? 191 words I just broke up with my boyfriend, ama 214 words Missouri now at 1581 confirmed cases and still no statewide stay at home order. 209 words FDA lowers deferral period for gay, bisexual men wanting to give blood amid shortage 116 words Is an upset and a upturned beam the same thing? 658 words [WP] In your old world, people would tell you that "Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," but here, well, words have the ability to bruise your flesh, cut your skin, break your bones, and even shatter your mind. 229 words Can anyone help me with translating c to mips language?