229 words Any forums for white/interracial parents raising black/mixed children? 187 words Misdirection on Abortion 116 words Boris Johnson calls Roe vs Wade abortion ruling 'a big step backwards' 233 words Insane job interview; all interviewer's end up fired. 139 words I’m struggling with school and I have a lot of stress and keep procrastinating 154 words Was going to post this as a reply to a self-disparaging UBI "supporter" in one of the other posts, but the thought developed enough to stand alone as a submission instead. Thoughts, analyses, and critiques are welcomed. 146 words Firearm safety courses? 165 words The true deplorables really showing their colors now. Garrett Powell from Hannah B’s season. 222 words Karl Turner MP: There is no such thing as a “dishonest electoral pact between LD’s and Labour”. Liar Johnson literally was elected on a “dishonest electoral pact” when @Nigel_Farage stood candidates down so as not to split the vote with Conservative. Have a think? 206 words Picture of 14 year old emmett till in Chicago 1955 before and after offending a white women in her grocery store and was later kidnapped by her husband, then tortured and beaten to death , his mother decided to have an open casket funeral 124 words Forcing players to roll HP when leveling up makes the game less fun 153 words 3D model of a UFO I rendered 200 words Weird interaction from postmates 238 words HELP! Lanced a giant cyst myself and it doesn't look/feel right..... 149 words What is an opinion that would get you a lot hate? 154 words Eduardo Franco, aka Argyle, Stranger Things S4 136 words This is long and tiresome - but belongs here. 228 words In the United States they have dedicated Sniper nests to watch the crowd at large scale events, this has also been confirmed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. 325 words What makes you middle class as oppose to lower class? 162 words AS7E07 - "Legendary Legend Looks" Post-Episode Weekend Discussion - [June 25, 2022]