135 words (M/22/6'2") [246lbs > 188 lbs] I dont even recognize the guy in the top two pictures.....all from eating less and lifting, almost no cardio. Never quit! 283 words Poland has now officially filed a complaint against the European Union's 'upload filter' 284 words Using “said” without adverbs 130 words Used to get my shit from nazi people...I would pick up wondering if I’ll die or get high. Robbin the plug later jk 129 words What's an easier commute to the city, Wetchester County, or Nassau county? 144 words Paying £400 per month for fully comp insurance + bike payment but had an idea that seems to work out better? 122 words Match Thread: Pro 14 | Glasgow Warriors vs Leinster | Final | Kick-Off at 18:30 BST 130 words Is the Trump Administration's use of the Espionage Act against Julian Assange constitutional? 140 words ‘Welcome to the beginning of the fascist takeover’: Utah judge suspended for bashing Trump 122 words Self-Promotion Saturday 176 words People who have made 180’s in life, what happened and what did you do to change? 361 words Assange Indicted Under Espionage Act, Raising First Amendment Issues 164 words Giannis walked out mid press conference 189 words I'm fuckboy AMA 192 words One-third of Canadians don't want politicians to wear religious symbols: poll 438 words Bob Mueller Insider Reveals Why He Might Not Want To Testify 136 words Do *you* have an RPG heartbreaker of your own? Want to work on it or give feedback on others? r/HeartbreakerRPGs is here. 137 words I'm a progressive who would like to pull for Pete but takes issue with some aspects of his campaign -- can you convince me? 179 words Dear [SERIOUS] parents of reddit, what was the worst method of raising a child you've seen or heard from someone you know? 180 words [Grade 11 Additional Mathematics] Compound Interest and Arithmetic Progression(?)