134 words Noob healer 156 words [Bonsai Beginner’s weekly thread –2020 week 43] 183 words The Russian flag was raised on the border of Zangilan region to prevent the Azerbaijani army from entering the territory of Armenia. The Azerbaijani army is advancing north, ie towards Qubadli and Lachin. 127 words How do you decide between audiobooks and traditional books? 131 words Hi /r/MBA! I'm former M7 adcom... ask me anything! 142 words VapeNW Age Verification? 240 words SSRI’s and Antidepressants should always be used as a last resort, and for worst case scenarios. 128 words Flere skal være pågrepet etter drapet på Sian-profil 930 words My entitled mom thinks she should live for free 132 words Live by this! 140 words We already know everything about wmaf, hapas, the percentage of interracial couples for asian women vs men, the media portrayal of asian men, education discrimination... and my question is, why stay in the west? 414 words Tuesday Check In: How's Everybody's Mental Health? 186 words "Socialist Austria, isn't that why you left?" - comment found on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Facebook 106 words From Windows to hackintosh to macbook 226 words Instagram Refuses to Remove ‘Black Art’ Image Showing Severed Heads of White People “People may express themselves differently.” 177 words Hello my dear followers 213 words Anyone started discussing the holidays with family? 245 words Who are your favorite and least favorite moms and why? 114 words My Employer Broke HIPAA 169 words This guy has certainly got his priorities right. Hope this belongs here.