365 words Caralho, fui banido por isso aqui e a justificativa foi discurso de ódio. Como isso aqui é discurso de ódio???? 142 words San Gabriel Mountains on approach to LAX. 174 words 116 hours in and I finally achieved my first Platinum! This has to be one of the greatest JRPGs I've ever played, had me hooked right up until the end. 227 words Chapter 4: Secrets X And X Song 194 words Trump Nominates William Barr, a 'Fanatic Who Believes in Dictatorship of Executive Power,' for Attorney General: Barr who is a corrupt fascist like Trump has attacked the Mueller investigation and supported investigating Trump's political opponents. It's no wonder Trump nominated him 252 words When did your feeling about "Something is very wrong here." turned out to be true? 205 words Customers asking for money back, makes driver almost pee his pants. 311 words [Manga Spoilers]: Eren's Deal 130 words America is prudish with their age of consent, in most of Europe, all of China, and many of other parts of the world a 14 year old can legally consent to sex with an adult. 255 words [WP] God walks into his office at 4:30AM for a emergency 4:45am appointment. As he sits down with his morning Starbucks, St. Peter calls from the front desk saying his appointment is here—early. As God strolls down the steps to the Gate of Heaven, he catches the eyes of his patient. Stan Lee. 163 words Why would someone lose respect for you if if you showed them that you loved them? 150 words Provident Sunworth, Bangalore. Residents beaten by security. Sad state of gated communities. 191 words Summer jobs in the UP 286 words What made you laugh the hardest in your entire life? 121 words CCW / EOTD | Tried A New ‘Artsy’ Eyeshadow Shape with my Hooded Eyes 134 words me after 10 months of online dating. 154 words Sharethread December 07, 2018 124 words Cuban combatants from a reconnaissance unit near Menongue, south of Angola, in December 1987.[700x528] 161 words UFC 231 Holloway vs Ortega Dec 8 2018 113 words 我去学校了 vs 我去了学校