185 words i feel like i’m in denial of having bpd 142 words Premier Doug Ford increased spending by record levels but Ontario deficit lower due to federal infusion of pandemic funds 214 words TIL that Confederate soldiers could not be buried in national cemeteries, nor were they afforded any benefits from the United States Government. When the reburial corps in the late 1860s found remains on battlefields, they'd remove the Union soldiers and leave the Confederates. 151 words AITA for not wanting my dad to be with us on vacation? 137 words Emoji-phobia 166 words My [25F] boyfriend's [23M] unhealthy hatred of chris Pratt is affecting our relationship 149 words Democrats File Bill to Abolish “Flagrantly” Wasteful Trump-Formed Space Force 132 words Star Citizen: Question and Answer Thread 223 words /r/singapore random discussion and small questions thread for September 24, 2021 159 words How To Hack Instagram Account 159 words HOW TO HACK SNAPCHAT 176 words In Support of a Fundamental Right to Die: an argument from personal liberty 670 words This made me cry 161 words Fake Piety 115 words When did you forget? 143 words How can I actually go about LEARNING Combinatorics as opposed to just "knowing how to do it"? 184 words God I already hate it 742 words Les villes françaises ont encore quelques difficultés à se mettre à la place des cyclistes je pense. C'est vrai qu'envoyer les vélos sur une 2x2 voies à 70 km/h à la fin d'une piste cyclable semble être une bonne idée. . . Dunkerque, France. 142 words So I go back to my moms house tomorrow and Imma need some support because I cannot even stand her anymore. 280 words Any tips on how to handle this? HD giving me the runaround with getting my defective GE refrigerator repaired or replaced