119 words There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding on this sub about the using of WWE wrestlers in AEW. Bringing people in because they were in WWE isn’t LOLTNA. It isn’t turning into TNA and it isn’t negative at all. It’s all about the actual booking. 127 words Request: Tetris Effect 129 words General Discussion Thread. 123 words [PSA] YesStyle is having a 60% off sale on a bunch of Korean beauty products! 163 words Wow!!!! 155 words I Made Her Cum, But I Hate It & Here's Why...(Rant) 399 words All I'm getting is segmentation fault 125 words TIL that on the set of Kill Bill, Uma Thurman had been on a serious car crash because director Quentin Tarantino insisted she perform her own driving stunts. Thurman knew the car wasn't safe but Tarantino insisted and she caved. Thurman permanently damaged her neck and her knee. 130 words BANG YE DAM of TREASURE - 왜요 (WAYO) (TITLE POSTER) 187 words “No one is forcing you to rent” 123 words The Biggest Secret in History: The Theater of the World (The Hidden Empire You Need To Know About) 129 words Lack of Empathy and emotional attachment 245 words The tale of two America’s.... 292 words I'd love to show off for you a little today ❤️ [sext][rate][vid] 214 words Processing amazing information... 128 words SLPT: Fix a broken clock by taping a working clock over it. 103 words Hydroxychloroquine: WHO suspends clinical trial of drug touted by Trump as 'coronavirus cure' over safety fears 289 words Curious about a card I pulled 131 words Numarul de înmatriculare perfect nu exi.... 122 words Pa. House Democrats say they were in the dark for a week about Republican’s positive coronavirus test