498 words I find myself waiting for entire seasons to play out in order to marathon them now 138 words The only way to get out Amazon's AWS legal contract is a Zombie apocalypse 158 words Remember, you aren’t as safe here in Connecticut as you think. Chris Murphy’s own words 401 words In a 6-3 ruling by Justice Alito, the Court overrules Roe and Casey, upholding the Mississippi abortion law 403 words Ajuda pérola. Link vakinha: https://www.vakinha.com.br/2934695 172 words Man gets a paternity test on son because he doesn’t look enough like him OR how to ruin your marriage in 2 days or less + NEW Update 144 words What is a secret that you will take to your grave? 144 words Honorable player grills my mate after a Dominion match.. 137 words Any hookah bowl reccomendations, I only smoke in a wooden hookah with only 1 flavour (double apple) my double apple bowl (seen in pic) started breaking down 124 words Even though (global) colonialism is a worse crime, as it killed-&-affected more people than Nazism+AmericanSlavery 195 words The role of Buy Now Pay Later services in enhancing competition in the Australian economy - The Australia Institute 176 words Andrew Gillum, DeSantis' 2018 opponent, indicted for wire fraud, false statements 140 words honestly, was it worth it to buy an m1 max compared to the new m2? 139 words Fuck Susan Collins. Dobbs is out. 6-3. Roe and Casey overruled 306 words Similarities between Citizen Kane and The Great Gatsby (and The Catcher in the Rye) 150 words What now? 232 words How were Mexican-Americans treated when you were growing up or in the past? 167 words Ssshhhh- A discussion about Suppressors 154 words ELI5: When opening a can with a can opener, what keeps metal particles from falling into the food from where you're cutting? 188 words BIDA wenn ich eine fremde Katze von meinem Grundstück vertreibe?