146 words Boss making me take test for him 140 words Shaming someone for having a weird fetish is just as bad as shaming someone for their sexuality. 136 words Kids are fucking stupid 159 words Chapter 221 Scans - Links and Discussion 336 words I guess Asexuals aren't queer enough? 138 words The murderer gets... murdered 135 words I’m giving up, I’m running out of time and there’s no hope. 114 words You ok, Florida? 145 words Ren is back on a new Instagram andstillshelives 152 words We went to the Walmart on Preston and decided to clean up a bit! #trashtag 176 words Culture War Roundup for the Week of March 18, 2019 322 words [Serious] Adminler gün içinde ne bok yiyor? 152 words You get 15 billion dollars but every time you bathe, shower, have sex, masturbate, or do anything naked, an unblockable camera appears and films you doing it on livestream with a notification going out to everyones phone/computer when it happens. Do you take it? Why or why not? 258 words Where were you on 09/11/2001? 285 words The Weekly Binge: Across Asia - The Suspicious Housekeeper Ep. 1 - 2 // Kaseifu no Mita - Ep. 1 117 words TIL that Steve Jobs lied to Steve Wozniak. When they made Breakout for Atari, Wozniak and Jobs were going to split the pay 50-50. Atari gave Jobs $5000 to do the job. He told Wozniak he got $700 so Wozniak took home $350. 158 words Confident poopers of reddit, what are your secrets to comfortably use a public toilet? 181 words Lm(f)ao 148 words Afternoon random discussion - Mar 24, 2019 204 words AMA 21 year old adhd woman who had potential but is now a college dropout living at home with no job drunk as fuck