170 words Prager Poo accidentally getting it right 210 words نورمن فنكلستين واعتراضه على وصف اليهود بالمستوطنين ودلالات ذلك الوصف وعلى التمسّك بفكرة الكفاح المسلّح 161 words Have you seen an increase in female players that play paper Magic? 291 words Those ads are getting annoying, it feels like they're begging you to play 118 words Lin Wood crashes a Mercer Law admin Zoom meeting that is discussing the removal of his name from a classroom. Wood compares himself to Jesus, defends his tweet calling for Pence’s assassination, and verbally spars with Dean Cathy Cox. 145 words Currently practicing full-time California attorney (and previous plaintiff's employment law attorney) weighs in on the DFEH v. Blizzard lawsuit. 119 words Markenpflicht - Ja? Nein? Kenn mi nimma aus! 127 words Judge forces US Capitol rioter to unlock laptop seized by FBI 337 words Best & Worst Of Majolica Majorca 244 words Withdrawal from dextroamphetamine 141 words Qantas on track to collect $2bn of support as Morrison government criticised for not seeking stake 173 words Feds say inflation is 3-4%. It's at least 13% and rising fast enough to wipe out most people within a decade. 142 words Catholic Monsignor Who Wanted to Deny Biden Communion Resigns After Cellphone Links Him to Gay Dating App 147 words 7/15 Activity - Arts & Crafts 204 words How to track my girlfriend location 204 words How to track my girlfriend location 219 words Labour votes to ban four far-left factions that supported Corbyn’s leadership | Labour 268 words My (22m) gf (20f) is obsessed with wanting to have a baby. How to stop it or at least help her be patient? 120 words For those of you who actually petitioned for NDP to be cancelled, here’s from all of us as NDP 21 participants. 125 words Michael "himself"? Is Michael named after Michael?