125 words Where/how to go from entry level help desk to junior engineer/admin? 154 words Have you ever heard this? “I brush Fluffy every day!”, or, “I brushed him before coming over!” Literally 9 out of 10 doodle owners... not my video, permission to share and educate was granted. 235 words Bernie Sanders Applauds People of Bolivia for 'Year-Long Fight to Restore Democracy' in Wake of Military Coup 121 words I'm a Republican Voting for Joe Biden Over Trump. Because I'm an American First. 289 words Ibn Battuta is one of the most famous medieval travelers, having covered 117,000km during more than 30 years on the road. One of the most vivid accounts of his travels, is the one describing the effects of the black death, which was spreading in the Middle East as Battuta was returning from China 770 words What’s one thing that made you say “never fucking again”? And why? 131 words What’s the one phrase that pisses you off for no reason? 246 words Can someone belief in abit of everything without going to hell? 124 words French police charging firefighters 158 words Poll worker fired for turning away voters with BLM shirts 169 words Friend (21M) and I (21F) ended up hooking up after drinking and don’t know how to bring up where we stand 121 words 10 stone lost in 10 months, more to go! 174 words Suicide is the only option to free myself from the oppressive system 116 words Points of View 162 words Opinion: Dianne Feinstein was harder on preteen climate activists than she was on Amy Coney Barrett 133 words Rape Question / Advice.... 165 words Hey guys I think the NFL world is starting to like us 302 words Bacteria labeling with GFP? help? 155 words AOC has started a Twitch channel to play Among Us and 'get out the vote' 200 words How to be a hostess at luxurious rooftop restaurant in Grand Hyatt Hotel?