134 words This is so messed up. His Co-workers are assholes for sure and remember porn can seriously mess with your head. 228 words My By the Numbers List(500 numbers) 129 words Harry Potter is pretty much just a ripoff of the Star Wars original trilogy, retold. And both of them are pretty much re-tellings of the King Arthur legend. 337 words Sister forced me to strip to bodyshame me 211 words Denver Restaurant Workers no Longer Required to Wear Masks if 85% Vaccinated. 159 words This weekend we’re celebrating quite a few centuries. 100 poles for Lewis, Max’s 100th race for Red Bull and the 100th race since this happened... 329 words Daily Simple Questions Thread - May 08, 2021 172 words Wages and cost of rent in Pittsburgh 130 words pretty sure she's getting a anime 408 words [Weekly Questions Thread] 03 May 2021 199 words Think again, sunshine! 134 words What is your most controversial movie opinion? 119 words Recruiters, let's all vent 127 words Jake Paul & Triller Are Suing Me - H3 After Dark # 35 336 words Happy to announce our first Transgender mod in this subreddit. 115 words Shut up brain. 262 words Is it true that many men in Muslim countries have sex with other men due to gender segregation and sexual repression? But that Muslim women do not have sex with other women anywhere near as much? 360 words I am very thin and I look anorexic but I am healthy. How can I accept this situation? 156 words Hear me now and believe me later - get your coins off the exchanges 214 words Which celebrity’s death actually made you cry?