230 words Full Time Engineer yet called an Intern 228 words Poker makes me fear death 168 words I'm a 51 year old male. Three of my teenaged daughter's friends have heart conditions. None of my friends do. 140 words I Am A Man Who Escaped A Scientology Camp/Cult. AMA 117 words Tony Romo talks candidly about making the greatest play of his career in the final moments of the 2014 NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, only for the referees to take it away. Three years later, the league would officially state that Dez caught it. 147 words Mr. Girl / Richard Spencer convo ends after the very first 2 callers both say the F-slur. Ralph gets mad at Mr. Girl for not wanting to engage with his callers 269 words What is a safety tip everyone should know about? 133 words Manhattan Rite Aid pharmacy closing after rash of thefts, customers and workers say 241 words The fact that women's legs are naturally hairy is such a mindfuck to me 125 words What is y'all's thought on this? 141 words Il n'y a plus que des pommes pourries sur le marché mais il ne faut pas en conclure que les Francais n'aiment plus les pommes 279 words Followed JL Collins advice, doubt setting in… 201 words "It cost around $500 and hundreds of miles of driving around" but LAOP's nephew finally a got a happy ending 198 words cmv: Voter ID should be legalized as getting an ID is one of the most essential things as an adult 166 words You Can Be Made That Your Fave Got Robbed But Dont Drag Others Into It 272 words The worst part is not being believed. You MUST put on an equal or better show. That’s what I’ve learned. 199 words [Daily - TRADE] /r/DynastyFF Trade/Team Help MEGATHREAD 121 words Maybe It’s Time We Let Nokia Phones Die 163 words What's the best answer if you're asked "how does this dress look on me ?" But it doesn't look good ? 190 words milky teas are on me