200 words I'm muslim and I feel sick because of this. 193 words Daily Questions & FAQ Megathread (Jul 04) 112 words What do you wish you could say to someone who you have lost contact with over the years? 257 words My best friend was brutally assaulted by a group of wealthy high school seniors who were bullying a friend, and making him get down on his knees and beg. The school and police refused to cooperate with my friends family and even made threats to press false charges against them. We demand justice! 126 words Kanye announces on Twitter that he's running for president 132 words Voice Looks Good 347 words My irritation about a particular religious symbol 270 words America’s Far-left fascists lead fake Cultural revolution and tear down statues so to get better statues. 159 words Drama in /r/Kanye after Kanye West announces a 2020 Presidential Campaign and is Endorsed by Elon Musk 257 words If you took the National Player of the Year off their team, what team does the best? 234 words Does anyone feel alone? 144 words Realized all the expensive things I never had in life still don't change who you are once you get them 129 words Some Blind People Can Still See, And Their Brains Could Help Explain Consciousness 197 words Lawd help us 141 words Advice for a toddler behind in speech? 211 words Do y'all get along better with S types than N types? 148 words A black group named "Black Panther" came out on the streets with guns in Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA. this group called White extreme right-wingers to “face off on the battlefield”. 237 words After years of depression, today I started my day with a beach walk 127 words Daily Discussion [2020-07-04] 146 words This transformation pic of a cheetah and his support dog is very important