130 words I am NOT the help 514 words [WP]You are a 17th century black market dealer, You sell one item only, That item? Pineapples. 187 words Hermione on the Cover of PoA 117 words My GF(F27) and I(M35) have a disagreement: she doesn't get anything out of sex, and doesn't want to do it anymore. I do. Can you guys please help us find a compromise? 161 words Having Psychic/Imagination Battles with your Voices is 266 words Coping with scars? 125 words UGH I hate that I love him!!! 178 words Николай Беляев, Nikolai Belyaev, (1922-2015),the man who raised the USSR Flag on the top of the Reichtag. [670x960] 286 words Brian Thornton Attacking Women, Local Businesses and Restaurants 126 words Just Unsubbed from r/blackpeopletwitter after removing my comments regarding skintone colored band-aids. 297 words WWYD: Daughter ordered a Impossible burger at a restaurant... 121 words What is the average number of people that attend a particular funeral in your country? 114 words Epic games paid Phoneix Point Devs approximately 3.3 Million for exclusivity; calculated using Fig backers 91% return on investment. 196 words Long $NFLX (?) 152 words Columbine happened 20 years ago today. Redditors that were in High School at the time, what was the ensuing week like? 643 words my dank math teacher draws memes for class 258 words "We don't know what to add to make F-Zero great" says Nintendo... I say... 143 words Sen. Susan Collins Criticized for Downplaying Mueller Report as ‘Unflattering Portrayal’ of Trump 221 words No one cares about bullying until the bullied do something drastic. 132 words April 20 Daily Thread