Gnosis is true power

I think the way you conceive of gnosis is how the demiurge would conceive of it: with unbridled egoism and a Nietzschean will to power. Ironically, the demiurge as a metaphysical being is ignorant and cut off from gnosis, largely due to being a slave to his own egoism and will to power and inability to look beyond himself. He is jealous and afraid of our ability to look deeper and see further than he can and know something of the truly divine. Likewise, the demiurge IN us cuts us off from gnosis in the same way. This attitude will close your mind to gnosis, as u/Digit555 eloquently pointed out. I think that gnosis ultimately crumbles and eviscerates egoism and the will to power. How could it not? It is the realization of something greater than our fragile ego and desire for power and influence and material gain. The first gnosis, the gateway, is simply the realization that we, as flawed human beings, don't KNOW anything. This humility is foundational to obtaining gnosis. If you believe you already know everything, you are incapable of learning anything.

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