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Civilization is well into the information age and everything that is posted on the internet must remain. After typing out long reddit comments, some users wish to delete them for whatever reason. They do this in spite of the fact that their comment might have been useful to someone else. Well, now everything (over ~650 chars) will stay.

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260 words Miyamoto Musashi's philosophy of "winning without fighting" is a central theme throughout his lif. This idea involves using intelligence and understanding of the situation to achieve victory without resorting to violence. 329 words Where do female HENRY’s hang out? 192 words To convince an atheist that there is a God (filmed at SatanCon in Boston) 204 words If you were in charge, how would you solve America’s mass shooting problem without it devolving into further violence or chaos? 198 words How have you almost died? [serious] 158 words Vet treating a very agressive cat 183 words The Death Star battle from Star Wars Return of the Jedi (1983). Imagine being in the theaters and seeing this for the first time 236 words Spawn to bulk how I do it 180 words Want to hear about the fall of the mighty and how they are humiliated 121 words When I see people shooting up Bud Light cans and screaming about storytime I wish they knew my uncle Charlie. 144 words What is the worst physical pain you have ever experienced? 167 words GW marketing at its best. Killzone Upgrade: Soulshackle sprue releases in to weeks, but not the book that has the rules... 168 words AITA for faking a work emergency to get out of a wedding? 171 words Lovely people of ARAD. Can you give me some advice? Situation is in the comments. 159 words CMV: Tiktok and social media is influencing the sexuality and gender identity of a lot of Gen Z'ers 149 words TIL Thomas(ine) Hall was declared both a man and a woman in a Virginia court in 1629 and ordered to wear men's clothing with a woman's apron and bonnet. He/She would present as either gender carnally and when working as soldier, lacemaker, field laborer, or maid. Thomasine was physically intersex. 130 words who is this girl and why she's so cute? 191 words Anyone make the switch from pfsence to opnsense recently? 245 words The Queen of Smug 239 words What do you think is the root cause of your dead bedroom situation?