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Civilization is well into the information age and everything that is posted on the internet must remain. After typing out long reddit comments, some users wish to delete them for whatever reason. They do this in spite of the fact that their comment might have been useful to someone else. Well, now everything (over ~650 chars) will stay.

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231 words I believe humanity is a product of alien creation and that's one of the BIG reasons the governments haven't disclosed the truth... Hundreds of hours of research,reading, listening and connecting dots and testimonies to best create a mosiac of truth. But is it a hard pill to swallow. As is all truths 155 words LS | CLOUD 9 FUDGE INTERVIEW On Differences Between East and West, Drafting, and Worlds 126 words Looks a bit like tyranny to me... 134 words In today's presser, Sean Chu was quoted as saying "I have a mental health issue and my opponents are using it as an attack against me and my family"... 170 words What is the most fucked up thing you have seen? 168 words We should stop posting Reverse Repo Numbers if this is true. Just like DRS needs relentless momentum, information on the sub should only be posted daily if it actually affects GameStop or MOASS. Wrinkles needed. 185 words Is this sentence grammatical? 551 words 2021 Permission to Dance on Stage LA Megathread 128 words Veganism is an animal rights philosophy. Not a lifestyle or diet. 173 words Wohnungsbesichtigung mit Küche zur Ablöse 273 words Queensland police officer allegedly turns a blind eye at routine traffic stop 141 words Cornel West said while he agrees with some of Karl Marx’s views, like the critique of predatory capitalism, he can’t ignore how he overlooks the lack of urgency against white supremacy in his works. 175 words How viable are hand to hand units when playing ultra marines ? 258 words it hurts. 128 words Half a million South Korean workers walk off jobs in general strike 432 words Is (G)i-dle going to have a comeback any time soon? 135 words It seems that pumpkin is delicious 109 words Video of the Laundries searching + finding the bag w/ Brian's belongings 129 words Netflix employees attacks a man for having a 'WE LIKE DAVE' sign. 212 words The anatomy of conjoined twins, Brittany and Abbey.