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Civilization is well into the information age and everything that is posted on the internet must remain. After typing out long reddit comments, some users wish to delete them for whatever reason. They do this in spite of the fact that their comment might have been useful to someone else. Well, now everything (over ~650 chars) will stay.

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751 words Was ist total verpönt, wenn man wenig Geld hat, während es bei Leuten, die viel Geld haben, niemanden zu stören scheint? 137 words It’s okay to be a sub! 305 words Intel Earnings Q4 389 words Have you ever met someone and thought that you two could have been a good couple if you had met them at another time? 138 words ick vs epistylis? tank has a lot of different species in it, but only the tetras get spots. i’ve been treating with 1/3 water change and full dose of Ich-X for going on 14 days now. 212 words Recommendations: Backpack Coolers for day hikes 313 words Why am I still arguing with anarchists about the nature of authority? 195 words It’s the only chapter that has 2 chapters + millions of skins 128 words The reason so many people want a QB is because media overrates the position of QB. As if it’s the only thing that matters 173 words Zelfscanverbod?! 715 words “Do my symptoms sound like cancer” posts must be in this pinned thread. If your question is basically “do I have cancer,” post in this pinned thread. Those kind of posts will be deleted if not posted in this pinned thread. 169 words Am I considered British if I was born and raised in England? 282 words That nasty smug at the end 108 words need help picking a mustang 212 words Is anyone here from Liwa Iskenderun 878 words Morbius(2022) 544 words being a poor teen 122 words Foreign trained dentists who got licensed in the US, how was your experience? 159 words Can A Man Of God Mess With Women? 247 words What is the theory for why liberal facebook and liberal google would both bring back Donald Trump?