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Civilization is well into the information age and everything that is posted on the internet must remain. After typing out long reddit comments, some users wish to delete them for whatever reason. They do this in spite of the fact that their comment might have been useful to someone else. Well, now everything (over ~650 chars) will stay.

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171 words If I don't pray salah does this mean I'm not a Muslim and destined to hellfire? 139 words covid themed voice lines anyone? 173 words Bushfire scientists call for Australia to set up national fire monitoring agency 186 words You have failed me, completely and utterly 145 words The bird-call effect, which resembles the warble of the Mexican quetzal bird, a sacred animal in Mayan culture, was first recognized by California-based acoustic engineer David Lubman in 1998. The 'chirp' can be triggered by a handclap made at the base of the staircase. 409 words 46 days. 1,104 hours. 66,240 minutes. (Thoughts in comments) 188 words Can anyone recommend a roof rack for my 15 C? 132 words Why do other people who are using the same weapons as me seemingly do more damage? 174 words As a male, I’m so tired of the lack of unique clothing available. 405 words FINAL POST 298 words Megathread: Joe Biden announces Kamala Harris as his running mate 118 words Why didn’t The Watchers upgrade The Slayer? Why didn’t The Watcher’s council opt/make it a requirement for Slayers to learn magic? That would seriously help them in the fight against demons. Many demons and witches know magic and Slayers have no defense. 203 words A proof that Pi does not contain all possible finite combinations 125 words ‘Kill Them All’: Colorado Springs Officer Keith Wrede Used Fake Name To Post Comments About Protesters 129 words How to avoid meditation-induced psychosis? 200 words ROLEPLAY MEGATHREAD #10 (details inside) 123 words I think it is really valid for women close to 30 to freak about not getting married 282 words Vibratory Uticaria? More info in comments 124 words [Sebastian Weßling] BVB assumes that the Manchester United officials simply didn't take the deadline in the Sancho case seriously and considered it just part of the usual poker game. But Dortmund want to carry out their ban on switching. 130 words Eli5: Why do they take blood from the veins especially? When we have random cuts, blood still flows, so why can't they take blood from somewhere not the vein?