105 words Found these in with the knitting needles at an op shop. They are around 13 cm long (5 inches) and are made of light wood. What are they? 237 words Unreleased RUSH Songs? 142 words After reading this post I was wondering to any insight on what type of stress, eating patern, thought pattern, physical or emtional blokkage etc leads to manifestation of "belly fat" and what type of physical excercise, yoga, meditation and/or healing etc can combat this specific manifestation 421 words DAE think the election of Bernie Sanders as POTUS is the best hope for the Puerto Rico? 680 words Foolproof way to tell if you're a true addict 135 words Flu shot will protect us...Entertain this thought for a moment.. 122 words Representation matters: a ballerina took to the streets of my home town to show young people that being born into poverty does not mean they aren't capable of achieving great and beautiful things. 184 words I received a terrifying scary note in my mailbox 471 words My resolution this year was to start riding ATGATT... after three weeks of grinding and bargain hunting, I’ve evolved into a Power Ranger! 227 words Fear of rejecting men 846 words Phiseans unite, apotheosis is nigh! 134 words How to add Reolink B400 / RLC-410 Cameras on NVR to Home Assistant? 181 words Imagine thinking empathy is greater than compassion 241 words By the logic of gender theory, you should be able to change your race. 247 words If a straight man doesn't like a trans woman for having a penis or not passing, does that make you transphobic? 611 words Underrated Weapons (1 per class) 135 words AITA for using "peanut repellent" to stop my sister from stealing my pretzels? 189 words It broke my heart to read this. How could somebody shame their daughter in Facebook this way? 171 words R/AustralianPolitics sub is run by Alt-Right Mods who protect alt-right users and ban anyone critical of the Liberal National Party. 143 words New fans be like, "Who?"