215 words I’m good with calculations 336 words Favorite song for mushrooms and acid 225 words Top 20 JoJo characters I want my ass fucked by 147 words i (F19) get together with a friend (M21) the other day and he tried to kiss me twice, even when i told him i was in a closed relationship with someone who was his bestfriend, should i tell my boyfriend what happened? 190 words I mean I was also raised by a conservative family but I can’t imagine having this messed up of a world view to teach your daughters this crap. Makes me sick 147 words Car investment: how can you make a profit off your car? 148 words A Superfund cleanup in Jacksonville failed. Without federal funding for a fix, contamination is spreading. 126 words AAMC article about the broken M3 grades, places moving to P/F, etc [serious] 122 words What is the weirdest thing you do? 133 words AOC launches plan to build far left and block non-progressive candidates: 'My ambition right now is to be a little less lonely in Congress' 121 words GOP to spend $10 million to try to make it harder for people to vote. Donald Trump's reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee are fighting to defend laws that make it harder for people to vote. 143 words AITA : Husband Wouldn’t Let Me Finish Breastfeeding 126 words Self-taugh java programmers do you have any suggestions about roadmap tired of doing the same thing. 153 words Social media and anxiety (questions for a wip) 168 words Download an 80GB game, play 2 matches, then uninstall 178 words Atheist/Agnostic how do/did you deal with the death of someone close? 351 words WTF is with AID 120 words I got into a ridiculous fight in the comments and deleted my 5.k karma account 156 words Durchbruch in Thüringen: CDU will Ramelow wählen - Neuwahlen im April 2021 151 words Tonight marks 17 years since the infamous Station nightclub fire. John Barylick, a lawyer involved in many of the lawsuits that followed, gives an extremely detailed and captivating talk about the fire, its causes, and the legal aftermath