137 words Namoro 230 words I [17F] am planning to visit my boyfriend [20M] as soon as I turn 18 152 words Daily Simple Questions Thread - December 06, 2019 111 words Gesundes Essen einfach ohne viel Aufwand. Tipps? 248 words I thought this was just going to your average everyday ear cleaning video... it’s not. It might be the most disgusting video I’ve ever watched. You have been warned. 139 words [Eagles] - Back in black for MNF 263 words I [17F] am planning to visit my boyfriend [20M] as soon as I turn 18 118 words I remember when I was younger I wanted to transition and become a man because I was jealous of the treatment Pakistani Muslim men had, versus the lack of freedom I had. 205 words Bungie, you clearly did not listen to play feedback on Bright Dust in Shadowkeep. 152 words What only exists because people are stupid? 121 words Lonely people of Reddit, what is your typical day like? 146 words Why do some GC feminists say that they try to 'compromise' with the idea of transness when their claims/propositions do not line up with this at all? 290 words I don’t like dogs, and I hate having one. 410 words [Discussion] Bronchodilators; Montelukast, Clen, and other medication to run alongside Tren for sides. 248 words Broke up with GF with BDP 471 words Faves and Fails Friday 132 words AITA because I’m mad because my gay brother decided to come out at my daughters 4th b day party? 252 words (30F) my boyfriend (29M) of three years never seems to take it well when I talk about our communication issues, or about my feelings in general 235 words What was the most porno situation you’ve ever had? 122 words They say money can’t buy happiness. I always tell them, “You just don’t know where to shop.”