277 words Modi banned certain christian ngo's why? 147 words What makes a character weak and are they annoying to read? 174 words Got this at a flea market for $2. Did anyone like this movie? Might watch it tonight 294 words Looking for Group Monday (March 18, 2019) 145 words Do you think it’s unfair for transgender women to compete in the olympics alongside other women, despite the current restrictions imposed on them? Why or why not? 137 words Mueller report summary delivered to Congress 178 words WIBTA For Cutting Off My Mother Because She Wants Me To Divorce My Wife, Even Though She's Pregnant And It's Not Mine? 218 words The Indy Fuel have signed goaltender Chase Marchand (Brad’s cousin) to a standard ECHL contract. 164 words Woman Dies After Attack by Her Own Dogs Outside Animal Hospital 154 words “Alone All Around Europe” A South Korean man from the opposite side of the Earth made a film while travelling alone 30 cities in Europe for 3 months. The scenes were filmed by passers-by willing to help him. It was his first trip for all of his life. 145 words What cars do you guys drive? 1,077 words Feminists want all the rights and none of the responsibilities 181 words Should I tell sober house manager I've been using? 199 words [Ardaya] Mike Trout: "I kind of saw what Bryce and Manny went through and it drew a red flag for me. I talked to Manny and Bryce. It was a tough couple months in the offseason. They put it perspective in my mind. I obviously want to be an Angel for life. That was a big key." 212 words No planets on honk? 144 words To buy or not to buy... a car 141 words Grad school after Peace Corps? Letters of rec? Nervous... 116 words Teachers say Wikipedia is unreliable but they give us 13 year old textbooks to use 275 words Toast plays Yogg-Saron, Hope's End 136 words “Why are you all dressed up today?” And other comments that annoy me.