123 words Why a brilliant cut (BCG) both is and isn't worth it. 275 words The Folsom Street festival Best Bits 111 words "The more magnificent the tree, the more it incurs the wind's jealousy. Remember this well - the more you rise in renown and rank, the more you should watch your words and deeds." 145 words 30 [F4M] #Online #USA - Gentle Domme ISO loyal, intelligent, kind, fit sub for serious LTR (distance to begin) 120 words Golang: Serverless deployment using AWS Cloudformation 177 words What are good places for a young man to get actual good advice? 116 words Train in his own words said he paid 125,000 USD to Mitch 192 words Watermelon 500mg Cart - Verano Essence 187 words Comptia scammed me. I missed the call from a proctor while I was waiting in the app for my exam and they put me as forfeit and refuse to refund me. I am so disgusted. I did not take the exam. I wasted an hour and a half of contacting support just to not refund me at all. 260$ gone… 112 words Gayatri Spivak’s concept of Planetarity 146 words Do you actually stick to body map suggestions for impact play? 127 words Dave from boyinaband – over a decade of abuse underneath an almost perfect public persona 122 words What Many Progressives Misunderstand About Fighting Climate Change: Wishful thinking hampers the clean-energy revolution. 118 words Not feeling the “psychic” part of tarot 190 words Weekdraadje - 26-9 t/m 2-10 324 words What revelations did you have about your relationship only after you broke up? 166 words All black 202 words Anyone care to weigh in on this? 267 words Hypersexuality in cis women and trans women: Kluver-Bucy Syndrome 149 words What are signs that your partner may cheat on you in the future?