163 words TIL: "Eat It" by Weird Al went to #1 in Australia. But "Beat It" only made it to #3. Credit: Weird Al on the Kevin McDonald podcast 126 words Homophobic man punches woman on NYC subway and broke her SPINE 152 words (YouTube bans 'Proud Boys' founder) "Regardless whether you agree with Gavin or not, this is the degradation and censorship of free speech. Private corporations with a platform that reaches this many people displaying extreme bias and censorship is a slippery slope. " [+200] 154 words This community is the REAL problem. 204 words Homeless 149 words What is a saying or phrase that pisses you off the instant you hear it? 240 words Stepdaughter seeking help to get over irrational hatred over my stepmom 127 words All in one info for the new refines 119 words Israel court rules against Gaza father who lost 3 daughters in 2008 war 111 words SHOCKING : "Discriminatory Church Schools Funded ENTIRELY By The Taxpayer” 175 words Hold my beer while i try to shoot a glass of tequila 328 words No trade deal is worth letting down our guard on China 239 words Ex-Baylor frat president indicted on 4 counts of sex assault won't go to prison 281 words What caused you to think "I'm never visiting again" after being in someone's home? 132 words Got you there 174 words ELI5: Why to people shake when experiencing an intense orgasm? 152 words What common misunderstanding annoys you to no end? 231 words If you want equality... 293 words Robbery this morning in Carrollton, please share, if you have additional videos send them to the FB page please. 181 words Uber drivers can't file class action lawsuits so 12,500 drivers filed individually for 3rd party arbitration