151 words WIBTA if I refused to go to my daughters wedding because my wife isn’t invited? 341 words Tories quietly vote to hike fee for migrants to use NHS by £224 164 words How to call out teenagers on their bullshit without damaging the therapeutic relationship 142 words Questions to those with sisters 120 words Porsche boosts battery capacity by 27 percent for 2021 Panamera hybrid 161 words Foreigners don’t take our jobs — they create them and boost the Treasury 259 words FBI issues announcement CONTRADICTING Trump's claim that a winner MUST be declared on election night 124 words Calling Win32 APIs from an empty project 654 words I just realized that Dragon and Defiant were better parental figures for Taylor than her actual father and that's kind of sad 121 words felt cute, might go crusade against transphobes later idk 156 words Molly is the best song ever. 152 words Contradiction between IQ and ACT/SAT scores 353 words The Daily Check-In for Thursday, September 24th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking! 324 words Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan - Episode 12 discussion - FINAL 146 words Do you guys think there’s a double standard in the gay world where bottoms get slut shamed if they were promiscuous and tops get praised as studs if they do the same thing? 193 words First codependent meltdown of the relationship 282 words It still sucks to be in the “majority” 178 words Dentistry in Canberra for the broke 132 words LPT: When you have a doctors appointment write down a list of everything you want addressed or want to ask during the appointment. 394 words How realistic are collabs in Global nowadays?